Your Comparative Advantage

I get many emails every week asking me: “Which is the best place to meet girls?” And the answer is always the same: it depends on you. The best place to go and flirt is where you stand out the most.Your Comparative Advantage

I’m good at the club, but so are many other guys. Instead, on cultural events and expositions there’s no one to match me – I have a comparative advantage. Few, if any, of the guys at these places are as flirty and seductive as me. And that’s not even all – I’m more cultured and into the subject than most. I’m one big step beyond.

You must find your own comparative advantage too. It can be everywhere – find it and then work as crazy to develop it. You must have a place where you are the top on pick up.

Where depends on you. Let’s think about a few possibilities:

And I could go on forever. Thankfully there are girls everywhere. You could even work from the comfort of your own home and flirt with girls online. The possibilities are endless.

One problem people have, though, is that they try to get good at flirting in all of these places at the same time. While it’s possible for you to do it, it’s really not the best. The ideal is for you to focus only two – if not just one. And make sure those places are the ones where you can have your comparative advantage.

Pick the two places and then concentrate your energy progressing on just those two. Learn the dynamics, practice often and focus all your work to get good at flirting in those two places.

For example, let’s assume you choose the gym and cafes. If that’s where you want to flirt, forget about the others for a while and focus all your energy into these two.

Visit the gym and the coffee shop every day. Find which is the best time to go, get to know the regulars and start practicing your game daily. Put commitment and perseverance and you could be winning in no time.

With enough work and practice you can become one of the best, if not the best, picking up girls at that certain place. That has to be your objective. Sometimes more is less – so narrow down your goals and focus on just two those places first.