WowTube Review: Can You Really Make Money?


Welcome to my review of WowTube, the reward app that claims to pay you for watching short videos. Are you looking for a stress-free way to earn money and buy whatever you want? Then WowTube might be the app for you. The commercial promises a chance to win $300 and even shows a woman holding an expensive bag.

However, with so many apps out there that turn out to be fake, it’s important to do your research before investing your time and energy. In this review, I’ll take a closer look at WowTube and reveal whether it’s legit or not. Can you really earn $5000 just by watching videos? Let’s find out!

What is WowTube?

WowTube is a reward app that claims to offer users the opportunity to win thousands of dollars by watching entertaining videos. It’s similar to ClipClaps, but supposedly pays out even more. However, I’ve reviewed two similar apps in the past, MoneyVid and TubeBox, and found that they didn’t pay anyone. So, is WowTube any different? Let’s take a closer look.

How does WowTube work?

WowTube shows short videos from YouTube and rewards you with cash for watching sponsored videos. It’s worth noting that YouTube does not endorse WowTube, so you shouldn’t trust the app based solely on this assumption. The same goes for PayPal and Cashapp – just because WowTube displays their logos on its cash-out page doesn’t mean they endorse the app.

WowTube is available for free on the Play Store and doesn’t require you to create an account to access the platform or your digital wallet. However, this is just one of many red flags that raise suspicions about the app.

To earn virtual dollars on WowTube, you need to wait for the progress bar to complete and then click on the treasure chest. However, you don’t actually need to watch any videos to make the bar move. The app’s main goal is to expose you to its own advertisements every time you receive a cash reward.


When you open the treasure chest, you’ll receive Luck rewards that are worth a decent amount of money. You can then choose to watch a commercial to double your earnings. In the beginning, you’ll earn hundreds of tokens, which are worth $10 for every 100 tokens. This may make you feel like you’re making progress towards the $500 minimum cash-out level, but it’s important to approach the app with caution.

How to Get Paid with WowTube?

To withdraw your earnings from WowTube, simply select the cash out icon at the bottom of your token balance. WowTube offers five payment options, including PayPal, Cash App, Amazon, Google Play, and Steam. However, keep in mind that you must reach 5000 tokens (equivalent to $500) before you can redeem your rewards.

The real problem is actually receiving your payment. While WowTube’s instructions claim that your payment will be issued to your account within 3-5 business days, many users report not receiving any payment at all.

Mystery Gifts on WowTube

WowTube offers mystery gifts to incentivize users to watch more commercials. However, it’s important to note that these “videos” are actually advertisements and not YouTube shorts.

In the gift section of the app, you can earn five free raffles for every two commercials you watch. If you collect enough puzzle pieces, you can supposedly claim expensive prizes such as the iPhone 13, Nintendo Switch, and Samsung Galaxy.

Does WowTube Actually Pay?

Unfortunately, WowTube does not pay users for watching videos as advertised. The cashout opportunity is entirely fake, and many users have reported not receiving any payment even after meeting all the conditions.

If you do manage to reach the $500 cashout threshold and attempt to redeem your rewards, you will be prompted to enter your account information linked to PayPal or another payment method. WowTube will claim that your payment has been processed and will be transferred to you within 72 hours. However, once you return to the cashout page, you will see that the payment is still “processing” and that you must pay a fee of £0.69 to activate the order immediately.

Pros and Cons of WowTube:


  • WowTube is free to download and use.
  • The app has an easy-to-use interface and is available on the Play Store.
  • You can earn virtual tokens by watching short videos and advertisements.
  • WowTube offers various payment options such as PayPal, Cash App, Amazon, Google Play, and Steam.
  • The app claims to offer mystery gifts and raffles to its users.


  • WowTube’s advertisement of earning thousands of dollars by watching videos is misleading.
  • The videos shown on WowTube are advertisements, not YouTube shorts as claimed by the app.
  • The minimum cash-out level of $500 is relatively high, and the redemption process takes up to 72 hours.
  • WowTube’s payment system is unreliable, and many users have reported not receiving their payment despite meeting all the conditions.
  • WowTube requires users to watch a large number of advertisements to earn tokens, which can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • WowTube may not be a legitimate app, and its business practices raise concerns about its authenticity.


WowTube is not a legitimate app to earn money by watching videos. It lures users with promises of winning big rewards and cashouts, but it doesn’t pay out as advertised. The app tricks users by showing advertisements instead of videos, and users have to wait for a progress bar to complete before receiving rewards. The cashout process is also complicated and requires users to pay a fee or watch additional videos to receive their payment.

Overall, WowTube is a waste of time and can potentially harm users by misleading them with false promises. Users should be wary of such apps that offer unrealistic rewards and do thorough research before downloading any such app. It is always better to be safe than sorry and avoid falling for scams that can lead to disappointment and financial loss.