Why You Should NEVER Rate Girls 8s, 9s, or 10s

Lets face it everyone rates everyone, but there is an important fact that you probably haven’t thought about that is killing your game. pickup rate

First off what do you rate yourself?

I am not talking just looks wise but what do you rate yourself as in terms of lifestyle, looks (fashion), and conversations skills?

Now I want you to be honest and not new age, screaming that your game is a ten when you really think it is a 2.  For example say your rating average is an 8.  When your at an 8, every girl you see that you think is say a 9 or 10 is above you.   Unconsciously after rating her that way you put her above you.  You put her on a pedestal and you have to play catchup with “game” to get her and its an up hill battle.   If you get her using “game,”  I am sure that deep down inside part of you is going to feel unworthy or not totally congruent with it.  This is going to destroy your long term results and reek havoc on your inner game.

With out thinking about it, if you rate girls higher then you, you are putting them up on a pedestal.

No I am not advocating not going after these girls or not playing out side of your league. I am advocating a new way of thinking, a way of changing your league.

For example say you see this gorgeous girl that in a looks scale she is amazing.  If you wanted to rate those looks she is a 10.   But what about her lifestyle and her personality?  You don’t know, she could never take care of herself and she could be a mean person.  So lets give her a 1 for life style and a 1 for personality because we haven’t gotten to know her yet.  That gives her a 10 + 1 + 1 = 12 /3 = 4 for an average.

This brings her average to a 4 and you are an 8, making it easy to go over and get to know her.  Taking the stress out of it, and she can build her way up to being that amazing girl if she is, and if not you can find a different one.

I just think this is a new interesting way of changing your rating system to benefit you. Making it easier to approach. You have to stop thinking that hot girls are above you if you want to get results with them with our manipulation or you better be rating yourself a 12.