Where To Pick Up & Meet Girls In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a combination of reality and hype, depending on how much money you have in your bank account. If you’re loaded then you can come and stay at the luxury hotel, buy tables in the hottest clubs, and indulge in whatever strip club you choose, but otherwise it’s not the easiest place in the world to pick up. Here are some suggestions:Where To Pick Up & Meet Girls In Las Vegas

1. Blackjack. It’s not too hard meeting girls playing blackjack, a social game that breeds a lot of interaction among your fellow players. A simple “Where are you from?” will get a conversation going. Just don’t get too distracted and lose your money.

2. The clubs. Every major casino has a club inside and you simply have to ask around to get free passes. Only thing is most clubs are absolutely mobbed on the weekends so they may be hard to get into if you don’t have girls on you or reserve an expensive table. The clubs don’t have the friendliest girls you meet, who are more concerned with looking good and getting free drinks than hooking up, but if you’re used to the uptight East Coast scene then you may be pleasantly surprised. The hottest clubs are Pure in Caesars Palace, The Bank in Wynn, Tao in Venetian, and Body English in Hard Rock.

3. The bars. This is your best bet, especially the center bar at the Hard Rock casino. Just go there! It’s the only bar I’ve ever been to that has girls still rolling in after 5am, and if you don’t want to drop a lot of cash on a Vegas weekend, I can’t think of another place that offers friendly and hot girls. Another bar you want to visit is Freakin Frog near the UNLV campus.

4. The strip. During the day you will find many girls roaming around the strip with their oversized drink glasses. You can definitely approach them under the guise of something you’re looking for. Then you shift the conversation to what she is doing later in the night.

Las Vegas is a good place to come if you have a good amount of money to drop, but I don’t recommend it overall as a place to pick up girls because you will just be counting on getting a one night stand in a placer that is probably the shallowest place on Earth. Good luck.