Where To Pick Up Girls

Women can be approached anywhere, but some places are easier to approach than others. There is no solid rule that says where you can meet girls. As long as there are girls around, there has to be an optimum way to walk up to them and start a conversation.How To Flirt By Text Messaging

Here’s the top places to meet girls:

1. Bars and clubs. On one hand they are loud, smoky, and artificial, but they offer high quantities of girls that makes it easy to bounce from one girl to the next. If you get rejected it’s not a big deal because there will usually be so many other girls to talk to. When it comes to which one you should focus on, it all depends on if you can dance well. If you can’t then stick to bars where you will mostly be talking. Otherwise go to clubs where your dance moves will help.

2. Bookstores and coffee shops. The main problem with these types of venues is that there isn’t a whole lot of selection. You can go to a coffee shop and not even see one girl worthy. Or if there is a girl, she is sitting with a group of her friends, or even worse, a guy. Your best bet will be to go to the most crowded bookstore or coffee shop in town where there is a lot of people. Then you get near the girl or girls and start talking.

3. Internet. I don’t recommend the internet I know what you’re thinking… “But there’s so many girls and it looks so easy,” but it’s very rare that you will pull a quality girl from the internet. Trying to meet a girl from the internet will turn you into a copy and paste monkey. And plus the kinds of girls that hang around internet sites tend to have social issues. Why else would she choose to sit back and want to sift through the emails of dozens of horny guys?

4. The mall. Personally, this is not my first choice when it comes to meeting women, especially if you are not a teenager, but due to your age or location it could be one of the best options you have. The key here is to go during the time there will be the most girls open to meeting guys, which will be weekend afternoons. To make it seem like you’re not there to meet girls, you will have to give the appearance that you are shopping around.

By far the best way to meet girls is…

5. House parties. To get invited to house parties you need to have friends and to have friends you need to be interesting and fun. They are the best place to meet girls because her bitch shield, or guard, will be low and she will be open to meeting someone. Even if she doesn’t like you from the beginning she’ll still give you a chance since you probably are friends with her friends. Plus, it’s easy to keep conversations going I never decline an invitation to a party, no matter how small. All that you have to do is approach.