Where Pickup Artists Fail

Ever since I opened and started writing in this space, the most recurring question was: Are you a Pickup Artist (PUA)?

Where Pickup Artists Fail

For those who don’t know, these PUA people are groups of men who researched, created and then executed techniques solely aimed at picking up women. They really built a science out of attracting, seducing and dating and went far enough to even invent their own terminology. The most impressive thing about these guys is what they say and believe actually works. You can follow their instructions and if your sole goal is to get a woman, you might well do it.

But there is a deep flaw with the PUA: these people just don’t believe in love. Read through their guidebooks and not even once will you find that word – and that’s sad. Men who work with their material or go to their seminars (they even got seminars!) will not fix their deepest problems. You could master all their methods, but that still won’t teach you how to be happy.

Wise men should just focus on being happy. That’s perhaps the most important thing I could teach you all: focus on being happy. Sometimes the circumstances are hard; you are lonely and believe that if you follow the PUA you could feel better. But that’s not true. For sure, if you never did, it would be exciting for you to conquer some girls. Yet, remember you want her to make you feel better, to fill that void inside.

Meeting a woman, sleeping with her after just seven hours and then never seeing her again, as these people suggest, is not the right way. For insecure men, those who are not sure of themselves and their feelings, it must be amazing. Yet, women are not things; even if we love it, there’s much more into them than just sole sex. Focus on love. Give love and you will receive love – that way you will be a step closer to archiving the happiness you so far had not.

Of course, you got to be special for them to fall in love with you. But all men can become attractive and our goal is to help. I wanted to make clear which is, from now on, our goal. Women won’t just be sexually attracted to you: they will fall in love with you. Only that way you will be, in the end, happy.