When YOU Have To Reject Girls

Usually it’s the other way around, but it will happen that you’ll have to reject girls. And I’m not meaning when you have to push away the fatty from the club. No – I mean when you really have to break a young girl’s heart.

When YOU Have To Reject Girls

It sucks, but there are moments when you’ll have to do it. The situations vary, but the outcome tends to be always the same: tears, anger, pain, explanations and so on.

My personal opinion is that this sucks. It’s normal, what happens and so on, but it still, it sucks. Either way, as all normal, it doesn’t mean it’s the correct way nor it means there are not other possible outcomes.

The usual consequences pissed me off. I mean, why things always had to end the bad way. After a while of thinking and trying I came up with a solution. I’ll share it here with you.

1- NEVER Create False Expectations.

If you do, you are an asshole. If you don’t feel attracted to a girl, let her know it from the beginning. And that’s simple to do: speak about other girls you like, about your projects and even suggest a few guys for her. If you have to, say it directly: “Nothing will happen between us.”

If she’s attracted to you she’ll definitely don’t like this. But that’s just a small problem and if you get rid of it fast, it will hurt less. The more time passes, the harder it will be for you to say and for her to accept it.

Mind, even if you make this clear, some girls will keep being attracted and will try to find a way to have you anyway. If that’s the case, keep your line: “Sorry NAME, but I told you…”

2- NEVER Give In.

If you know that this girl is really attracted to you for something serious, never kiss or sleep with her. Never. The moment you do it, you fuck everything up. No matter how drunk you are or how hot you are that specific day – abstain.

That’s the deal when you don’t want to establish a relationship. There’s no worse thing for a girl than those guys who sleep with them and then throw them away. They’ll hate you for real. Say bye-bye to her and prepare for all the consequences: bad gossip, shit-talk and more.

If you treasure your friendship and relationship with this girl, keep cool. She will try to drag you into bed, always with the thoughts of having then you again and again. Before that happens always remember the outcome: it won’t be nice.

Different is if the girl is just one more club-girl or someone you just met. If that’s the case, have fun. Sleep with her if you want to and enjoy your time together. Hardly will girls deeply fall in love after just one adventure. It’s not the usual.

3- “I’ll always be here for you.”

This is my favorite thing to say. If I find the girl special, I’ll make her know what whenever she needs me, I’ll be there to help and give a hand. And I really mean it –I have always kept my promises and never let any girl down. So should you.

Saying this creates a deep bond – almost like a relationship. And best, it paves the way to leave sex and all the other woo-things aside. It’s not what will make her the happiest, but it will still work out.

If you don’t want to hurt her much, say this. Mean it and be there for her. It will matter.


Leave the bad, repetitive and stupid excuses aside. If you don’t like a girl and don’t want to start a relationship with her remember these three things. Don’t give her expectations, never sleep with her and, if she’s a good girl, tell her you’ll always be there for her.

This works. I hardly had fights, tears and bad moments since I applied these rules. They pave the way for girls to ultimately understand you. It’s the nicest way of saying no and the only way that will not destroy everything. It’s pure wisdom.