When Life Turns Around

Never Surrender

Sometimes life hits you with a brick on the face. Literally.

When Life Turns Around

What happened in Chile last week is an example. Middle of the night, 8.8 earthquake and boom, your life is completely turned around. You lose your house, looters abound and, worst, you might not know where your family is. And the ground keeps shaking.

That’s terrible misery – one that you can’t seem to avoid. The day before everything was alright – but in just one long minute, it all turned upside down. Your life, your dreams, your goals… All might be shattered.

What can you do? In all that misery, is it possible to look forward?

I can just come up with an old proverb: “You are allowed to fall, but to stand up is an obligation.”

Easy to say, I guess, but this short phrase is gold. No matter what the tragedy is, you need to stand up. You are obliged to stand up. The world needs you to stand up.

You must never surrender. Things will go against you, people will stand in your way and nature might throw it all away, but you must keep fighting. Life is long, and to succeed you need to look forward at all times. If you don’t get back on your feet, it’s over. And if you don’t do it soon enough, it will soon be late.

And Say Thanks

It could well be one of us living a tragedy such as this one. Really – think about it. I was in Chile, right where the quake struck, exactly one year and a week before. I was quite lucky I chose to go to Brazil this time.

Believers or not believers, we must all thank. Look what you have: material, friends, family, etc…. You are lucky. People just like you, but all the way in Chile have lost it all. One sole minute crushed it all.

It’s crazy when you think about it. Enjoy your life and make a treasure of it – for it can all go in a blast.