When It’s Your Life Or Death Duty To Bang That

It’s big trouble if a girl goes on a trip before you banged her. I don’t know why but something strange happens to a girl’s brain where things “reset” while on the road. She comes back less enthused than ever to get it from a guy who was working on her.Your Life Or Death Duty To Bang That

Let me give you a recent example.

I met a girl at a bar and made out with her within a half-hour or so. I tried to seal it that same night but couldn’t due to bad logistics and got the consolation prize of her number instead.

The first time I called her I left a message and she returned my call almost instantly. Not only was I sure she liked me, but that she wanted to see me soon too.

We initially met on a Saturday and agreed to meet for drinks on a Tuesday. On Wednesday she was leaving to Miami for two weeks on business. I knew what I had to do…

After our date ended I suggested to walk her home nearby since I wanted her to “get home safe.” She agreed and we walked to her front door. She asked if I wanted to come in, sparing me the line that would have gotten me in anyway.

We’re in her room and things progress from there, but I get healthy doses of resistance. She tells me this is only our fast date, she doesn’t move that fast, blah blah blah.

“No problem,” I tell her. But after a few minutes I’d start back up and get just a bit farther than I did before until she tells me to stop again. This was repeated about eight times over the course of two hours until we were both naked and I banged.

Do I normally break down resistance for two hours like that? Sometimes, but I did it this time because she was leaving the next day. It was my life or death duty to tap that because I knew that this would be my only chance.

Not ten minutes I was out of her house did she call me wanting to say she had a great time, and the next day before her flight she texted me. It was obvious she was strongly attracted to me, and dare I even say that she was crazy about me.

Do you want to guess what happened when she came back? Nothing! I haven’t seen her since! She returned my phone call with a text message and was “so busy” that I eventually gave up.

To me this makes sense. Read the first paragraph again. While I do not know why travel resets things, it almost always does. If you find your girl is leaving for a trip more than a couple days in length, you should push harder than you normally do to seal the deal. You may not get a chance when she returns.

Getting a girl to the bedroom and dealing with resistance is the final stop before you can notch your belt. It makes no difference how well you can attract a girl if you don’t know how to seal the deal. It would be a serious waste of your time and efforts to not finish the job once you’ve already built attraction.