When and How to Quit: Accepting Failure With That Girl

“Persist and you’ll triumph,” wise men say. And I agree – Perseverance and the will to go on and never give up are what make winners. They really do! If there’s one quality great men must have, this is it.When and How to Quit

If you really love a girl, make sure you don’t stop in your quest to get her after the first “no.” Don’t stop after the second, nor after the third… keep on going! Don’t give up that fast if she is the one you really want. Make sure that you end up with success.

Countless of times I have been rejected and named “unattractive,” “crazy,” “asshole” and I have been told to die many more times. Boyfriends, family and stupid friends have stood on my way, but most of the times, with persistence, charm and a good plan, I’ve succeeded. So can you.

And, honestly, when times are hard is when the success is much more enjoyable – Really! But still, though, it may well happen, just a few times, really few, when that “no” is and always will be a “no.” It sucks, but it it’s possible that that girl you love doesn’t want to do anything with you now or never, for reasons that are trivial to this post.

And is on this moment when we see what a man is really made out of. It is in this moment when you stand out and for the better. If in front of an impossible woman for you, there are three paths you could take:

1-      Despite it’s all lost and you have no chances, you keep insisting. I assume that you have been insisting for a while lately, but you now insist so much that’s stupid already. You’ll get to the point where she’ll block you from all communication and will want to erase you from her life.

2-      You are a mediocre man and start ignoring and forgetting about her all of the sudden.

3-      You assume the reality. You are in love with her but it won’t happen – But you still keep her as friend.

The best strategy, no doubts, is number three. Hard and tough to pull out, especially if you are really in love. But if you can get over it, it’s the best path to take. Yet, try hard – It’s much better to have Beautiful Women Friends rather than nothing. Take the path of friendship and make sure you won’t bug her or hit on her anymore – at least not for a long while.

That’s the tricky part in this whole story. It’s hard, really hard and tough to be hanging out with something you really like and completely give up all your wishes and dreams of conquest. It is against our very own nature of persistency, that one thing that makes us great.

But think about it this way: is it happiness that matters. What matters is for you to have a great time, joy and enjoyment. It’s that possible if you are always pending on her approval? Can you go out with someone always wishing that that would be the breakthrough day? No way – Then you’ll only be, even if you don’t want to accept it, nervous and desperate.

Don’t let that happen many times. I’m not telling you to be a friend of women – No. But sometimes, just sometimes, once you get to a point like this, it’s the best path to take. Just make sure it doesn’t happen too often. For a girl to be really impossible, to be that hard, in most cases what happens is that she is really in love with someone else. It may well be possible – it’s not your fault. You could have done everything perfectly and the girl really likes you, but if she has someone else in her life who she loves more, you won’t win. It’s far and beyond anything you could do about it.

Then, in a case like this, which I insist are few, it’s ok to be good friends with her. Don’t be, though, an asshole. Don’t be the stupid friend who is always there to hear about her love problems, her troubles, and that friend who she cries with but never kisses. Instead, be that cool friend who can take her out and have lots of fun together. You don’t need to sleep with a girl to enjoy time with her – Just take her out and have a great time yourself. She might even wing you to get other girls – I’m serious!

If you can do this, if you can cope with going out with girls that reject you, do it. Take my word, it’s for the best. But promise yourself you won’t keep trying on a dead end. Take the best of the three paths and be a winner. Make the most of the bad situation. Then, once long into the future, once time has gone by and you had many fun together, it may well happen that the scenario changed and that you can give one more try. But leave it well into the future and enjoy the now.