What You Can Learn From Your Dog

I love dogs. I love mine, my friends’ and practically all the rest. It’s no coincidence: there’s a lot in dogs that makes them adorable for everyone.

They are men’s best friend for a good reason: they are loyal, high energetic, happy, brave and charismatic. And I believe we can learn a lot from them. It is possible to take dogs as an example and learn what it takes to be a winner in life.

Here are the top traits you should learn from them:

1- Energy.

Most dogs look as if they had an endless supply of energy. It’s spectacular. My dog is quite old and yet he’s always running from here to there, going up and down the stairs, shouting and always looking for action. He has his rests, for sure, but when things matter he’s all about energy. Most dogs follow suit.

Even if we wake up early, it takes him only two minutes to kick start the day with high energy. He just transmits it to me, it’s inevitable. From the morning cookies to late night he’s always prone to action.

Are you? Action is what matters. You got to do, and to always work hard for what you want. You just can’t lie down and rest the whole day while a world of opportunities and challenges await you. The best way to be energetic is to actively tell yourself to do it. It’s not a matter of health: it’s a habit. Build the habit of being energetic!

2- Bravery.

This is what most people need. Dogs are fearless, heroic and brave. No less: no matter how huge the challenge might look, they are there to fight it. Be it strangers, other animals or even natural disasters, dogs don’t duck. They go ahead, defend their beloveds and stand first in the line to fight.

This goes beyond alertness or barks; it’s an attitude towards life. Even the smallest dogs are fearless of the obstacles and would fight the biggest odds just to stay their point clear. Be it defending their territory, family or themselves, they are there to give fight.

Most men, however, are not. People are full of fear and bravery is something hardly seen these days. Great men should follow the attitudes of dogs: fight and be heroic for what you believe. Don’t give up, don’t be overwhelmed by the odds and show so much energy and passion to your cause that will bring fear to your opponents. That’s how a winner is built.

3- Charisma.

If I had to define charisma with just one word, I would say “dogs.” They really are the most charismatic creatures in the universe. Lions are cool, tigers majestic, Obama popular… But dogs take the number one prize. They are always the center of the attention, loved by almost everyone and taking the popular spot with ease.

Some dogs, though, are even more charismatic than usual. I may be a bit biased, but I’m sure mine is something else. He speaks and barks a lot, comes and goes incessantly and everyone can’t help but love him. I really admire that personality and try my best to copy the attitude.

It’s no joke: you can really improve a lot just by watching how your dog acts. How does he react to other people? How loud is he? Is he the center of the attention? If you want to be charismatic, first take a look at your dog!

4- Loyalty.

No one you’ll meet will be more loyal to you than your dog. I take food out of my dog’s mouth and he complies, same if I have to shot him with a vaccine or medicine, he’s not going to go mad at me. He trusts me and makes me trust him too.

Loyalty is an important trait in life. You have to be loyal to your business, to your friends and to your family. It’s a part of being a great man. Don’t be mediocre, don’t be a traitor… Keep on living the life of the best people.

Be loyal, though, to those who matter. Don’t cross the border between being trustworthy and being stupid. The dog isn’t devoted to anyone he meets. It takes him time to build trust and to decide who he will be loyal too. So should you. Be smart, choose wisely and then commit.

5- Happiness.

Dogs emanate happiness. They can’t smile, but it’s easy to tell all the joy and enjoyment they have for life just by seeing how they act, bark or move their tails.  They have an almost blind delight for life. Learn from it.

The most important thing in life is to be happy. Be happy with what you do, with the people you are around with and with all the objectives you have. And, mind, just as energy, happiness can also be a habit. Find the right tune and build it as your attitude towards life. That’s, again, a quality of a winner.

Never stop keep learning. Don’t give up on it. For everyone –even your own dog- has something to teach you. Don’t settle for mediocrity, strive and work hard to become a great man!