What types of women do men avoid

Girls you got to understand that guys tend to avoid certain types of women. Its just a  fact of nature! How you act, what you say and your lifestyle can be what makes and breaks the relationships/dating your looking to have. We are going to go over the main reasons Men avoid women and hopefully we can help you out.

I guess the good thing about what I am going to explain is that a majority of the characteristics can be changed, when I say a majority I don’t mean all, some a so deeply rooted within that they will never be changed but fear not, you can work on your strengths to combat your weaknesses.

When it comes to the first date of a new person, generally it is quite hard to tell what they are really like. Everything is fairly formal and everyone is on there best behavior so it is fairly fake in a way. I guess people don’t want to scare each other off by some insecurity they think they may have, that is when it comes down to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th date that you start to find out what kind of person they really are and they find out what person you really are. So what are some of the signs that they might just not be that interested in you?

The Big Flirt 

When it comes to attraction, flirting is a must, without flirting you will be only friends. but when a girl flirts with everyone it looses it’s effect. It causes mixed signals and a lot of frustration and as a guy, you think If she is flirting with everyone she comes in contact with then why am I so special? Also being a boyfriend will mean you need to put up with her flirting with every guy around you because there is less likely chance she will stop just because you are the boyfriend. A person like this becomes old and uninteresting very fast indeed!

Speak No Evil!

While making conversation during the first couple of dates, there are certain topics that should never be spoken about. In doing so will ruin the chances of another date and make you look like you a desperate. topics such as marrage, children, your parents, Plans for future activities that involve heavy commitment, things like these make the man feel like they are being put in there place and feel pressured to agree.

Clingy Copy Cat… Meow!

This one I have had quite a few times and let me tell you girls, it is really not attractive and as a guy you just want to get the hell out of there no matter how attractive she is! A girl who follows your every move, unable to make decisions for herself, will hang out with your friends more then her own, start to do everything you do, I mean showing interest in the other person is all well and good but there is a line. Someone who calls you every day just to say ‘I love you’ is cute but it gets old if it’s all the time. If a girl shows independence and confidence, the girl will be much more attractive to any guy. In being a Clingy copy cat you show that you are desperate and lack self esteem. Prove to the man you are a leader and not a follower and this will help greatly.

Miss Party Time

Every guy loves a wild stand out of the crowed party chick but this is not something that can be sustained long term. Guys know the wild party girls are always looking to have fun and when it comes down to dating, clubbing till the wee hours of the morning isn’t something that both people want to do all the time. It also gives the impression to the guy that you are some what unstable, even though most guys aren’t normally thinking about marriage or children, situations like the ‘crazy party girl’ stirs this in there mind making them second guess the relationship.

Talk! Talk! Talk!!!..

Guys love a girl who is calm and collected. Being able to have a conversation back and forth help create great chemistry. But when the girl hasn’t seen you in 2 days and just won’t shut up about well… everything you could think of it gets really annoying. Not everything that comes into your head is interesting to the other person, acting like this is a sign of being self absorbed. Conversation is about give and take in order to create a bond. Sometimes listening will do you wonders.

Ok, currently this is at the top of the list as far as I know. There are quite a few others I am sure tick guys off and would love to hear about it in our comments. Girls don’t hesitate to ask any questions. We love questions! :) Good luck with love!