Visualizing Success

Let’s talk a little bit about visualization. For those who don’t know what it is, basically it goes around thinking and picturing in your mind what your perfect outcomes could be. Done every day, this is a powerful exercise that can help you achieve better results in everything you try in your life. Including, also, love.

Visualizing Success

So let’s do a short exercise. Picture in your mind what is what you want. A girl in particular maybe – or perhaps just one perfect girl you didn’t even meet. Visualize her, think and color her in your mind till the very last bit. You have to know exactly what you are looking for. No vague, no doubts: be precise.

Take a few minutes and think the best picture you can. Imagine you speaking, hugging, kissing and doing whatever you want with her. Imagine it for real. That’s the first part of the deal.

So, once you are done make sure you save that picture in your mind. You’ll have to come back to it continuously. It has to be your trigger, your inspiration and what will make you stay focused. If there’s one girl you would want in the world, it has to be this one. Think highly, but don’t exaggerate. At least not for now.

With that said, the second part of the deal is to separate a bit your time to prepare for this girl. Save one or two hours every day and dedicate them wholly to transform and prepare you to become the man she will be the most attracted to. Twenty or thirty minutes a day won’t do – if you like this girl for real, take it seriously.

It’s better if it’s a fixed time. Maybe after you wake up, after lunch or do it instead of what you do before going to sleep. But do it. Save this time and dedicate it wholly to become the perfect man she has always dreamed about.

Preparing To Be Her Perfect Man

It’s not that hard to prepare yourself. You just need to know where your focus should be. Investigate a bit, get to know what your girl likes and you’ll be on the right track. When lacking motivation just picture her in your mind. It will get you back on track.

Start by, if you haven’t already, working on your charisma, speech and body language. I have to keep insisting on this. It’s really that important. Girls hardly like shy, silent and socially awkward people. You don’t have to be the famous alpha-male to attract women – but you do need to be at least socially proficient and better the norm.

Don’t skip steps – you must have a solid base. It will be what you will leverage for the rest of the time. Then it’s when you focus on what specifically your girl will like you to be.

For example, a few years ago I wanted one girl in particular that seemed inaccessible. We won’t get into too many details here, but she was exactly what I wanted on that specific moment. Not the easiest deal, for sure, but I then separated my chunk of time every day and started preparing to get this girl.

I investigated about her, asked friends what she liked and so on. I then focused on making myself more attractive to her. I didn’t change myself or what I like or what I don’t like. I just worked on the details that would make me more appealing for her specifically.

So I watched her favorite movies, read a few of her favorite authors and heard most of her favorite music. That just to get started.

This makes me laugh to say, but totally works: “You know, NAME, I read a book/watched movie once, it was called NAME, and you remind me about it. Blah blah…” I’m sure that deep inside girls know that we read or watched that stuff just to speak to them, but it’s just stronger than them. They love it.

Dedicate a little bit of your day and work to become the man your pictured girl will love. And please, this goes beyond the simple steps. The real deal come when you use this time for hard, risky and even outrageous projects. I joined dancing classes, a special gym, a charity organization and even the Argentine Red Cross just to be even closer to my pictured girls.

When the time comes and you are more complete it will be inevitable that she’ll feel more attracted to you. Most girls will. They love guys who are charismatic, cool and even share a few of their passions and views.

Mind, don’t be a copycat. Keep your identity. My favorite movie is and will keep being Indiana Jones and my favorite music won’t change either. In the same way, you would have to kill me for me to join, for example, a leftist political organization. Keep your place, but work on the details.

Now picture her and start thinking what you could do. Put yourself in action, for without action there’s no win!