Viral Bucks Review – Is This Platform Another Scam?


Welcome to my review of Viral Bucks! If you’re here, you might be wondering if this website can help you earn some extra cash. According to their claims, you can earn $10 for each friend you refer to the site through social media. However, I must admit that I’m not convinced by their promises.

I’ve come across many similar sites that promise people ridiculous amounts of money for referring others, but they never seem to have a product or service to promote. This raises the question: where is the money coming from?

In this review, I’ll take a closer look at Viral Bucks to see if it’s a scam or a legitimate opportunity for making money. I’ll also explain why I believe you should avoid this site.

What is Viral Bucks?

Viral Bucks is marketed as the top influencer network, claiming that you can make up to $500 a day using social media. According to their website, the company has paid out $52 million to more than 200,000 members since 2017.

While these claims sound impressive, there’s no way to verify them. Furthermore, the site doesn’t provide any real product or service that you can promote to earn money. This is a major red flag for me.

How Does Viral Bucks Really Work?

If you’re considering using Viral Bucks to make some extra cash, you might be wondering how it actually works. According to their website, the company earns money through ad revenue and sponsorship. They then use this money to compensate members who promote the platform, increasing exposure to their sponsor’s products.

At first glance, Viral Bucks seems like just another GPT (get paid to) site, where members earn money by taking surveys, completing offers, and referring friends. However, after taking a closer look, it becomes clear that this site is not like other legitimate GPT sites such as Prizerebel or Offernation.

Unrealistic Payouts

One of the main problems with Viral Bucks is that they promise unrealistic payouts. For example, they claim that you will earn $10 when somebody joins Viral Bucks through your link, and $2 for every click on your link. This is totally unrealistic, as most legitimate GPT sites only pay a 10-30% commission based on your referral’s earnings.

The Members Area

After registering for free, you’ll see $25 in your account balance, which is unrealistic. You’ll also be given a referral link that you should copy and promote to your friends on social media. There’s also a button that says “$30 Surveys and Apps,” which leads to a Task Wall with lots of offers and the amount of money you’ll supposedly earn if you complete them. However, these offers are also unrealistic, as most reward sites pay less than $2 per offer.

Payment Requirements

To cash out your earnings with Viral Bucks, you must meet certain requirements, including 20 clicks, 5 referrals, and 5 completed task wall tasks. However, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever meet these requirements, let alone actually get paid.

Can You Make Money With Viral Bucks?

The short answer is no. Viral Bucks promises high commissions for clicks and referrals, but this is simply not realistic. Advertisers don’t pay a lot of money for people to try their offers, and Viral Bucks doesn’t sell any products or services that could generate real revenue. In fact, the only ones who have the potential to earn $10 per referral are the owners of Viral Bucks, not you.

Pros and Cons of Viral Bucks

Pros of Viral Bucks:

  • Easy to sign up: It’s free and easy to sign up for Viral Bucks.
  • Appealing earnings: The idea of earning money by promoting a platform and referring friends can be appealing.
  • Simple tasks: The tasks on the site are simple and don’t require much effort.

Cons of Viral Bucks:

  • Unrealistic earnings: The earnings promised by Viral Bucks are too good to be true and are unrealistic.
  • Lack of transparency: The site doesn’t provide any real information about their business model or where the money is coming from.
  • Not a legitimate opportunity: Viral Bucks is not a legitimate way to earn money online and can be considered a scam.


Viral Bucks is not a legitimate opportunity to earn money online. While the concept of earning money by promoting a platform and referring friends may seem appealing, the promises of high earnings are unrealistic and too good to be true.

Additionally, the lack of transparency about their business model and the source of their revenue raises red flags. It’s best to stay away from Viral Bucks and focus on legitimate ways to earn money online.