Using Fate To Seduce Women

Women have an obsession with fate. They have the fantasy, ever since they were little girls, that fate will bring them the man of their dreams. They have been brainwashed by romantic movies, novels and stories – no matter what they say, all are hoping to meet their own prince charming.

Using Fate To Seduce Women

And that has to be you. Or, at least, you have to make girls feel that it’s you. Girls have to believe that it is fate that brought you two together. This alone will make you immensely more attractive.

To achieve this you have to slowly move the conversation that way. First, look for coincidences. When she mentions a place, say that you were also there or could have been there at the same time she was. It was destiny, then, what kept you apart.

For example, when she says she likes going dancing to a certain club, you can say that you love that place too and that, even if you didn’t notice, you probably saw each other all the time.

Taking a step beyond, you can look for travel coincidences. If she says she has been to X city or country, tell her you have been there too. The goal is to make her believe that you were there at the same time. Tell her you probably walked past her in the streets of Paris, Rome or while swimming on the beach in Mexico.

Just be careful. If you will fake, at least make it sound real. I wouldn’t say I was in Paris if I hadn’t been there – she can ask your hotel, what you liked most, etc. It’s better to know well what to answer.

But, either way, you don’t have to take things that far. The same shopping mall, favorite café or restaurant can do the job too. Just remember the magic words: “Imagine, we probably have seen each other all the time.”

Then you can emphasize that it’s finally fate that brought you together. Don’t exaggerate – do it a manly way. Once the feeling strikes, you can start talking about other coincidences and all the things you could have done together if you knew each other before.

Next, make some jokes and tease her a bit. You can make fun of this “crazy coincidence” and use it to build an incredible rapport between you two. If you couple this with a few venue changes you can make her feel that she has know for much longer than she really does. And that’s a very powerful feeling.