Using Cologne

Why Cologne

Girls have an obsession with cologne. It can really make the difference. Sometimes I wasn’t remembered for my trips, talks or clothes – I was remembered because of my cologne. And this is not an exaggeration, it’s how things work.

Using Cologne

Good cologne works charm. It really turns on women. The senses, the pheromones… We could speak about that for ages. But just to be concise: it works.

Only an idiot would go out without it – it’s all advantages. You must make sure you have yours. If go out without it you’ll be giving the rest of the guys a huge advantage.

The Hot Spots

Keep it simple. There are two usual places to apply cologne: your neck and your wrists. These two are classic and where cologne works best. When applying cologne, stick to these two. There’s no need to experiment with something else.

Also, be gentle. Less is more. Don’t shower yourself in cologne – make it subtle. And don’t apply cologne directly in your clothes. The smell will wear off and it won’t have the same magic as the one printed in your skin.

Extra Tip: an accepted (and great) addition is to apply a bit behind the ears. This is especially cool if you are going to a club or somewhere noisy. Girls will most likely approach your ear to say something and they’ll run into your gentle scent. It’s a small detail that can make the difference.

Buying Cologne

I suggest you to buy two or three different colognes. Just as you should never go out with the same clothes, you shouldn’t have always the same smell.

Think about it this way: girls are attracted to the unpredictable. Just by something as simple as this you can add in style and charm to your personality. Girls love the spontaneous and the things they can’t foresee. Make your smell one of these.

With that said, make sure you buy the best. Cheap colognes will work against you. Pay a premium and buy the best brands. Again, this will make the difference. And, as a plus, cologne bottles last long. It’s just worthy to spend a few extra dollars and buy wisely.


Below are a few links to my favorite colognes. You can either buy them or investigate more about them.

Allure (Channel) – My personal favorite. Strong and ambitious smell.

Light Blue (Dolce & Gabbana) – A fresh, unique and long-lasting fragance.

Versace Pour Homme – A mysterious and powerful scent. Good for first dates.