Understanding your Dating Partner

I can bet some time or another you have met a person who seems nice, looks like a stable well put together person, you went out on a date and all went well, they where friendly and happy, you had a great time and later down the track found out they have massive problems with deep seeded issues. This is the case with so many different couples you will find, so how can you find out these problems without actually getting yourself really involved where it becomes very hard to back out? there are many things to look for to find out what skeletons are hiding in your partners closet, 3 years ago I went out on a date with a lovely lady, she was an English school teacher, quite smart, very funny, nice personality, very attractive…

It seemed she had everything a normal guy like myself could want, During our date we talked like normal people, further down the track I find out she owes many people money, she lives with her mother (she’s 33 by the way) she owns 12 cats and collects hundreds of dolls and not the ones that are worth any money either….now I don’t know about you but this seemed like the person who had a lot of issues that I was completely unaware of and I can bet in time more and more issues would develop…and When looking at how the first and second date went it was all fairly obvious, I mean I couldn’t of been 100% sure but there was many things mentioned that indicated there was an interest in certain things and also a hate for others. For starters she had a big fluffy cat on her key chain, she said she loves cats and could live with nothing but cats if she could, when it came to the subject of money she changed the conversation and this included how she hated banks, her best friend in the whole world was her mother who in fact enjoyed collecting dolls ( i find out later on she was in fact the collector of dolls and not her mother)

One thing I noticed was her body language in certain conversations, you could see when there was interest with the way she sat when a certain topic was brought up..

I’ll give you some ideas on what to look for when on a date in order to figure out what is going in that head of theres

When in a certain conversation say about dolls for example you can tell if the partner sits close, like they are trying not to miss any part of the conversation and even when all has been talked about with that specific topic and they still will not let it go, you can tell there is a huge interest in that, Now if you are looking for a long term relationship then it is best to try and find out where the real interest comes from because it could be all you will hear about, enough to drive you crazy.

When talking about important issues like money, health and friends, i guess things that require some sort of basic responsibility should your dating partner show complete lack of interest, usually with the person sitting back, not making eye contact, crossing there arms, this can usually show there maybe problems in those ares of there life, they may owe people money, thay may not have any friends, if a person doesn’t have any friends you need to ask yourself why, there is usually a reason for this. They may not want to talk about health related topics due to a current illness they have, I am not saying it is wrong to stay with someone who is sick, this is just a reference for you to find out as much information as you can about your dating partner.

Remember the best thing you can do when going out on a date with a person is to ask questions in order to get them to explain certain part of there life that may be a trouble area, like money as mentioned, in doing this you can get a better picture of what to expect later down the track.