Trying To Pick Up Girls In A Spanish Hostel

Here’s a reader question:

Hey man, I remembered you had a section on your trip through Spain and I just read it. I´m in Valencia right now and leaving for Barcelona tomorrow. The hostel is definitely a unique experience. I´ve met more people the last week then I think I ever have in a single week. I´m getting a good feel for how things work and the first 3 nights things worked out awesome in Madrid. Next 2 nights in Sevilla were kinda tame but I think you must have caught some bad timing there because every girl I saw was amazing, all were very fit, tan and cute. Seville the hostel was small, kinda crappy and had no in-hostel bar so it was a hard launch point for extracurricular activities. I´ve just spent 2 nights in Valencia. I´ve talked to many hot girls here.Trying To Pick Up Girls In A Spanish Hostel

I have noticed a somewhere disturbing trend however. For example there were 3 beautiful girls coming down the steps when they passed i smiled and one smiled back. They were all dressed to go out and I saw them sitting around looking at each other in the bar/lounge area. I approached them and asked if they were gonna go out or just sit around all night to find out they speak very little english. I broke out my spanish (decent) and found they were all from Seville and very friendly.

They were going to go out with an amigo of one of the girls that lives here to dinner (at about 11pm) and were waiting for him. I walked outside with them to see if his taxi had arrived after a few and all of the sudden 2-3 other guys walked up and were immediately gaming their asses off. The trend I noticed is me initiating with girls then all the apparently apprehensive guys jump in with their best game. My game is not all that but I´m not afraid to try.

One of the bolder guys immediately said (let your friend go with her amigo, you 2 should come with me to go out and drink) he then wound up giving them his number and said to call him after dinner. I said a nice goodbye to them and wished them well on their trip.

Any better way I could have handled this? They told me where they were going later but from what I´ve learned on this trip so far is if you dont take girls immediately and leave it at maybe we´ll hangout later it doesnt happen. Thats what i´ve been doing with some girls more of (hey what are you up to tonight? them: not sure, you ? me: not sure, if you´re gonna be around the hostel ill find you later) kinda lame, but what else can i do when its still way too early? The trip is amazing so far but I think i´m getting really caught up on getting with girls and its frustrating when it doesnt always work out.

My Answer:

You need to get a lot more persistent that that! You gotta push all the way and fight through barriers until you get a “no” when you try to escalate the encounter. It seems like you are giving up way too early just cause things got a little hairy.

The other dudes are your competition in this game. So out-game them! From your example, that guy’s game was pretty weak because he gave his phone number. (Giving your phone number to a girl is a dumb move because it rarely converts.)

Since you are traveling, there is none of that phone/email stuff. You go for the kiss, and then you go for the bang… ON THE SAME NIGHT. THERE IS NO DAY TWO. So its all or nothing, meaning you can be much more persistent than you would at home, even at the risk of seeming *a little* pushy.

When traveling i found that the guys who got the girls were the ones who would make a confident showing, last the longest, and just scoop her up towards the end of the night. Persistence is crucial when you are going for these same night closes. Hit on a girl, game her, and if she is feeling you, 100% YOU MUST GO FOR THE KISS… much sooner than you would here.