Things You Must Have Home

The game doesn’t end when you bring the girl home. You’ll be much better position there that at a club or bar, but you’ll still need to give that vital last step.

Things You Must Have Home

Here are a few suggestions of how you can arrange your place or what you should have home to maximize the moment.

1- Keep It Clean!

This one is above all. You can have a bit of disorganization here and there, but things have to be clean. If your kitchen or bathrooms are a mess it will be a massive turn off. Girls don’t like dirty guys and nasty places – and they’ll let you know. So keep the house clean or take her elsewhere if it’s dirty.

2- Have Drinks Stocked.

The only thing I drink home is wine. And, beyond that, unless I have friends over, I’ll never even touch a beer. But, stockpiled and waiting for the right girl, I have a collection of good vodka, rum, whiskey, fernet, imported beers, champagne and more. The more she drinks, the easier things will be – so better have things to share.

3- A Good Collection Of Movies.

“You have to come to my place to watch this movie” is one of my favorite lines. I have invited dozens of girls, anywhere I lived, to come home and watch Before Sunrise. I recommend you to buy the movies girls will like most. Have them right there by your TV and put them on while you sit on the couch together.

4- Good Music.

And probably not your favorite – You need the music girls will like.  I love heavy metal, but I’m sure most girls will find it uncomfortable. So I have a few romantic playlists stored, which most girls, if not all, always end up loving. Soft background music always helps out.

5- Trip Souvenirs and Mementos.

I’m, luckily enough, quite well traveled. My house displays from Egyptian miniatures to a photo of me touching the real Eurocup. I certainly abuse of all this, as girls are always fascinated by the stories I have to tell. Find your own things to exhibit and display them passionately. And don’t speak about them for ages – just enough to raise your value.

6- Condoms.

This one is a no-brainer, but some people forget about it. Have condoms home. Many of them – in all colors and from all brands. You’ll never know when you’ll need them or how many you’ll need. Not having of these will make sex impossible – unless both of you are willing to take the risk. With someone I just meet, I wouldn’t.

All these are usually enough. You shouldn’t need much more to get her in the mood. Just make sure, too, that you have your bed in order or a comfortable place to do it.

Last, a small bonus: chocolate is aphrodisiac. So have some around. Offer her, or, if not, keep it at a place she might easily see. It won’t make the difference but it’s always a plus.