Things to Take When You Go Out

You got to maximize your chances for anything you do in your life. Do this by practicing and being well prepared. Leave nothing left to luck. This includes when you go out to a bar or club too. Take with you all those things that will make your odds be as high as they can get.

Things to Take When You Go Out

Every time I go out I take a handful of things that one time or the other help me in my goals, whichever they are. Here’s what they are for me and why I recommend you to take them too.


An easy pick, taking your camera out is a must. Firstly because it will let you open up groups of girls with ease, capture great and funny moments and it’s one perfect excuse for you go ask girls’ contacts and for them to ask yours.

Secondly, you should load your camera with very best photos of trips and great moments. That way you can show and tell guys and girls excellent anecdotes of yours. Don’t go telling every random girl you meet “Hey, look, I was in Russia” but if you have the possibility of casually doing it at some point in time, it will raise your value.

A ring and a neck-chain

I never go out without these two. They are the perfect excuse for almost everything! I have a couple of cocky and funny stories around them that I have invented. They are funny and well thought anecdotes that guys and girls love to hear. I always look for right moment to tell people about them.

Think your own stories and make them work towards your goals. I got one story of mine, showing a very emotional and sensible side for when the girl thinks I’m too tough. And vice versa, I got the tough guy’s story when the girl thinks I’m too sensitive. The ring has saved me many times and it can help you too!

Other Indispensables

Always have mints or some kind of candy with you; you never know when you will really need them. By no chance in life you want to destroy all what you have done because of a simple bad breath. Also, always go out with enough money and condoms too. You might need to use them at one point or the other, even if it’s completely unexpected.


As a general rule, take those things that will help raising your value. If you can do some great magic tricks, take them with you. If your stuff is drawing, take a small notepad and pencil with you too. Don’t overdo it and take that many things, but still take those that will help you in your goal. As I explained, it’s all about maximizing your chances.