Things NOT To Say On A First Date

You should remember the ten deadly sins of first dates. As long as you stay out of those and carefully prepare your date, you are on the right track.

Things NOT To Say On A First Date

But there’s yet one more thing that, despite all this, guys keep doing wrong: the talking. There are thousands of things to speak about, yet most men insist on speaking about those that can kill the excitement and the date.

These are:

1- Previous Relationships. It doesn’t matter if it was good, bad, fun, terrible… Just don’t speak about your ex. It will drive her mad. Your focus has to be your date, not your past.

2- Other Dates. Don’t tell her you went out on a date with another girl the past week. It won’t do any good. Again, focus on her. She’s your queen for the night.

3- Explicit Sex. Talking too fast about sex will make her hit the break. Keep the sex talk and your size and adventures for later in the relationship.

4-You You You. Speak about you and what you do, your dreams and goals. But don’t make it the sole topic of the conversation. Focus on HER and show interest in what she says.

5- Illnesses, Defects or Injuries. Girls like healthy and strong guys, so if you have some type of illness, defect or injury, don’t go speaking about it. Don’t lie nor hide – just don’t bring the conversation that way.

6- Politics and Religion. You can mention these casually, but they are dodgy ground for a first date. It’s better to avoid a possible discussion and speak about other topics.

7- Too Much Work or Studies. Make sure to say how cool your job is or how prestigious your university is. But don’t speak about them the whole date. They are not the kind of talk that will take you to bed.

It’s not hard to have a great first date conversation. Instead of these, focus on speaking about dreams, goals or something exciting. Aim for her feelings – and then you’ll win.