The Trap Of Pick-Up

Many times people talk about studying picking extensively and having it bring them to a dark place or they get burnt out from doing it.   I think its extremely important to look at why this happens so it doesn’t happen to you. The Trap Of Pick-Up

Some people as they become more and more successful start to realize that no matter how many women you have sex with, it isn’t making you happy its not the answer.  You started out with this grand goal of being able to go out to a bar or club and seduce beautiful women.

After practicing extensively you achieve that goal, you start to have more and more success, but then realize that having more women in your life is not the answer.  The same old depression and sadness hits and you don’t know why.  This is the trap many guys who get good with this stuff fall into.

The reason for this is that studying pick-up and quite frankly doing anything from a perspective of lack of will lead to this path.  If you are doing it because you never got it or if you are trying to fill a hole in your life with women then no matter how many women you bed, still that hole will remain.

The need and lack of is a terrible way reason to do something.  The negative motivation that you put on yourself can only carry you so far until the negative snap back effect appears.  Then you lose your drive and will to go forward and find yourself stuck back at the beginning again.  Still wanting even with your new found ability.

On the flip side when you do something because you love to do it.  You desire the experience and enjoy the process then what ever your doing will feel good to do.  You can continue to move forward positively and feel good about the process, which is extremely important.

I think its really important to not only approach pick-up as a process but learn to enjoy the process.

If you are out looking (hunting) for that one hot girl then your entire mentality will sabotage your game.  How ever if you are out being social and enjoying the experience of being social, then when that beautiful women who you would love to meet appears, you can easily go right up to her and meet her.

All in all I think it is extremely important to learn pick-up because you enjoy women, if your coming from a place of lack where part of you resents women or anything like that then you should probably seek professional help but on the flip side of that if you want wild success and to learn pick-up you should seek my help.  Yes shameless self plug.

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