The Next Step

Recently through out many of my interactions I feel confident in opening and transitioning most of the time then I go into vibing. I can vibe with a single girl or a group of girls and we both can keep the conversation going for over an hour even in a high energy loud venue. A month ago I couldn’t do this at all but now it goes.

The main sticking point I find in this and I’ve been talking with Edge a lot about it is the fact that it feels like I am pulling at strings trying to find common ground. Not forcing it in anyway but lets just say trying to really connect with some one on stuff.

I’ve noticed I just vibe off the club and what people do for fun and what they do for work. This is a fun social vibe but it doesn’t have a huge draw. Its just fun but not oh my god you are the coolest person fun.

It came to me after my experience on Friday night check out 8.15.08 audio for on the spot detail. I think it comes to Elicit values and or talking about Passions. I remember this one girl on Friday who right after opening some how we got on something that she was extremely passionate about. I don’t even remember what we talked about and she wasn’t super super attractive up to my insane standards but I remember her energy sucking me into her. She was a solid 8 and it was bam on. Later after debriefing it snapped I need to be talking about peoples and my passion.

This will suck them in and create a vibe that is on a whole new level.

To do this I say Elicit values or talk about passions. For some girls if you come to the topic of what there passions are or ask them what they love doing they can’t answer. For those I was thinking something along the lines of styles elicit value routine where you basically tell them what there passion is by eliciting it from what they really love or like to do. This would be useful for the ones that can’t answer to what they really love and you need to extract it out of them.

This is my new goal to use on every set once I am locked in and vibing. Talking about values.