The Curse of Studying Seduction

Maybe I mean over-studying

seduction, really. Here’s something I’ve thought about lately regarding studying game:

With every school of pick-up technique or seduction you study, it seems that it casts doubts on other schools.

Think about it – most of the products out there have different views of how the whole “game” works. And most of the time, in making their point, they will uproot other schools of thought on the subject. Sometimes it is to gain greater control over the industry. Sometimes it is with a genuine, heartfelt desire from the instructor to “save” the audience from heart-ache. I would say that all of the time the instructor really truly believes they are right and they deliver their message with 100% conviction.

I remember when I would immerse myself in a new school of thought. And I would think – this is awesome… this is it! I would go out with 100% certainty that I had “the key” and I would end up having great success for a little while. Then it would fade, I would start studying another school, get excited, get convinced and then have another streak of success.

One of my goals in all of this is to find underlying causes for how/why all this stuff works… I think that outer game is often times just a surface interpretation of what is really moving the other person. I say this because there are so many different (sometimes even completely opposing) schools of outer game. From another paradigm, I would imagine that none of these schools appear opposing at all.

That’s what I’m looking for… not waiting for, but looking for…