The Concept of Value and How to Raise it

In many of the previous articles I have extensively used and talked about the concept of value. I want to thoroughly explain what value means, why we want to raise it and why is it so important when we deal with women.The Concept of Value and How to Raise it

Value itself is really a fantastic concept. Just picture it as a plain number or rating you have. In the same way we men rate women with a “3”, “7” or a “10”, always strictly out of her looks, these women will rate us in return. Nevertheless, at the moment of rating a man, the situation is not as physical-oriented as with woman (lucky us!) You might look like a “3”, but if you have a series of great attributes you can easily raise this rating to a much higher level.

Women are much more prone to be with a guy they believe have a higher value than themselves. So have that clear and start working on the way to raise that rating of yours to a new level. The results, then, will come alone. Seducing women is easier than you can imagine when you constantly show you have a high value. They will feel naturally attracted to you and having women in your life will become something normal for you. Believe me that!

The whole concept of this site is around making you raise your value and thus becoming more attractive to women.

Yet, it’s beyond the dreams of even the most ambitious men to complete the whole list. So, where should you focus? For starters, in order to get your value higher, you have to focus on the following three points. They are no doubt the biggest value risers and the ones that will attract more women.

Social Proof

Definitely the most remarkable quality and the point all men should strive to improve. Women will feel naturally attracted to those men who are social leaders, those who command the tribe. Be charismatic, loved by everyone and constantly on demand – then, others will raise your value for you.

I know it’s hard, that everyone wants to be a social leader and really few are. But, the truth is that you can all become one. I’ll explain thoroughly how to in the following articles, but for the meantime, your task is to observe. Look at how the leaders in your social circle act. Analyze what they do and why they do it, check how people around them react. Learn from their acts and imitate those which, you believe, are great things that make them special.

Do Something Outstanding

Be really great at doing something cool. That will make you special and more attractive to women. Why, then, all the best football or other sports players get all the beautiful girls? Focus on being remarkable at least on one thing. You can be a great cook, a fascinating magician! Think about those things you love and the way to turn them attractive to women. It can’t be that hard and we can all find one thing. You just need to put your heart, your time and great dedication into it.

It doesn’t even have to be a concrete ability! For example, I have traveled a lot and that’s my greatest charm, what makes me special around the people I hang out with. I have countless of crazy anecdotes, amazing photos and a deep and extensive knowledge of culture and history. Being smart and cultured, when coupled with social proof, high charisma and a bit of craziness is, I have realized, a top aphrodisiac.

Maximize your Potential

Most men who read this can surely look better, speak better or move better. There are hundreds of points where you can surely improve the way you present yourself to women. Focus on taking yourself to the very limits of what you can become. Dress well, take oratory or speaking lessons, learn theater! Which are, for you, the most handsome actors? Why? Analyze the way they dress, their speech and the way they move. Don’t lose any possibility! I bet that if you are “4” right now, you can easily become a “6” or “7” with a bit of dedication. And that’s just for your appearance!