The Chocolate Bomb – The Best Chocolate Cake

So you finally met this girl. Hard work and training are making effect – you finally got a phone number. That’s really great news, but in the end it could not mean anything. Now comes the hard part; this is the moment where you’ll have to show the highest value. Most men would proceed into a boring, conventional date – and that’s not something bad at all! But then, do you really want to be remembered as one other dinner-out guy, one other meet at the park man? You don’t have to! Here is another step where you can keep standing out. Instead of making her do the same as with all other men, try something new.The Chocolate Bomb – The Best Chocolate Cake

Did you ever thought about cooking for her? Believe me that if you are at least not bad, the results will be much better than with any other kind of date. Women love to have their boys cooking for them! Depending on the girl the tastes and wishes may obviously vary… But ALL of them love chocolate. So this recipe will be a killer hit. If she doesn’t like chocolate something is wrong – I would change her for someone normal =)!

One other great thing about cooking a cake like this one is that you can invite her during the day, during the night or whenever you want. It will never look out of place. So if you believe it’s not the right moment for a romantic, nighttime dinner go and invite her for a coffee home – and surprise her with this little bomb!ingredient-choco


1)      Melt both the butter and the black chocolate (not flavored) together in a pot with a low fire. Make sure that both are dissolved and homogeneously mixed.

2)      Take the pot out of the fire and mix with the sugar (all of it), the salt and the eggs, which you should have previously whisked.

3)      Break up the flavored chocolate in small pieces, mix it with the flour first and then both together with the preparation.

4)      Now that the dough is ready, pour it out in a cake pan. Make sure you grease with a little butter all sides of the pan! Also, mind that the size of the pan is important – the smaller the pan, the higher the cake!

5)      Bake the cake for 25 minutes over a medium-high fire. Make sure that it still keeps a bit wet in the center. Once ready, take it out of the oven and leave it in the fridge for a while. Before you put the topping on it must be cold. This way we are finished with the dough.

6)      For the topping it’s much more simple: in the pot, melt this time both kinds of chocolate together with the cream and butter. Let it be homogenous and then pour over the dough.

7)      Our chocolate bomb is ready now! Keep it in the fridge for some time – a day it’s usually good timing- so the cake gains and consolidates the flavor.

8)      When serving, make sure the cake is not cold – either let in a couple of seconds in the microwave or let it out from the fridge for a bit. Then, pour the ice cream over. It will be amazing and the results better than what you think =)!!

Preparation notes:

–          The flavor is entirely up to you. Mint, orange, or even no flavor at all. It’s all going to be okay but it’s recommended something to ease up the strong chocolate taste.