The Birth of Momentum Game (“Inter Game”)

Back in 2008, Nick (Legend) and I used to post feverishly on here. Almost daily. And we would religiously upload our weekly field reports (which are still up in the archives).Momentum Game

I think the most motivating thing for us was putting the message out there that normal guys could really succeed at game: even with severe approach anxiety, even with average looks, even if you have a boring job you hate.

But it wasn’t the schools of technique that set us free and gave us results. The different methods were enough to give us the courage to try, but they weren’t enough to get results.

I certainly wished that the gurus would set me free. How I would have loved it if just understanding Mystery Method, or acting cocky funny, or saying “magical lines” would give me results. It didn’t though – if anything, the more knowledge I collected, the more overwhelmed I felt. Collecting outer-game trinkets wasn’t the answer.

So inner game then… was that the answer? Well, no, not exactly.

I mean, I put a lot more stock into mastering your own inner game than outer game, but even still, understanding or even “doing” inner game work isn’t going to transform your life and give you the results you want.

What Nick and I were searching for (and eventually found) was…

Momentum game.

Only it didn’t exist. We had to create it out of real world experience.

What is momentum game?

Momentum game isn’t outer game and it isn’t inner game.  It’s inter-game.

It’s what you’re doing to take action in the real world to get results.

Getting back to what I was talking about at the beginning – when Nick and I were posting constantly, we used to joke with each other that almost everything we posted was about momentum and motivation.  It was about those moments that stood between taking action or not taking action.

Mastering that piece was what stood between getting results and not getting results.  It was the difference between action and inaction.  It was the difference between talking game and doing game.

But nobody had created a system around it.  Nobody took it all the way – a “guru” will spend a whole course convincing a student how and why his method/course is the ultimate solution to solving the girl problem.

And the student (me, in this case) would have a temporary bubble of inspiration, maybe work up the balls and courage to take some action, maybe get a result, but sooner or later fall back into the old routine of feeling powerless and searching for “that one key that ties it all together”.

So what is inter-game?  What is momentum game?

Momentum game is the piece that resolves what stands between a student and taking the action to get results.

The real world doesn’t lie.  The real world will show you EXACTLY where you’re at in terms of skill.  Gurus will lie and tell you that you are all-powerful now that you know these secrets.  Fuck that hype horse shit.

The real world will show you exactly what your skill level is based on the responses and results you get from the real world.

If you’ve studied “game” for 3 years but have severe approach anxiety and shake with nervousness, then that’s where you’re at.  You need a new approach.

If you’ve been banging your head against the wall for 3 years and getting mediocre results, then that’s where you’re at.  It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve sunk into it.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve read, the seminars you’ve been to or how eloquently you can regurgitate what a guru said to you.

If you can’t produce the results you want yet, you need to take a new approach.  And momentum game is the solution that Nick and I created to address this issue.

Our official launch will be happening within the next month, so I’ll be going into greater depth about how one pursues momentum game and improving real world results.  This is a kick off post.  More to come soon.