The Best Time To Approach A Girl

Sometimes there is the question of when you should approach a girl you’re attracted to.The Best Time To Approach A Girl

How about if you just came into the bar, still have your coat on, and see a girl you like. Should you approach or wait? How about if SHE just came in the bar and didn’t even get her first drink yet. Should you approach or wait? How about if she is on her way to the bathroom, holding hands with her girlfriend. Should you approach or wait?

I don’t have 100% correct answers to these types of situations, but I do know that there will ALWAYS be a better time to approach a girl. You can always be in a better mood, you can be more “on,” the environment could be quieter, or she could be standing alone simply looking around for any guy to talk to her.

The thing that’s more important than choosing the right time to talk to a girl is simple TALKING TO THE GIRL.

If you sit there thinking about if you should talk to her, and then end up not even trying, then it didn’t really matter did it? There is the “best” time and then there is “opportunity.” If you see an opportunity with a girl who, for example, is going to the bathroom and you’re standing in her path, then you should open your mouth and say something because I bet you the best time to approach her will not happen before the night is out.

Besides, if there was a bar or club where the best situation always happened and girls were extremely approachable, it’d be filled with guys pretty quickly.

As long as you open your mouth and say something, you’re halfway there. Okay maybe not halfway but approaching really is the hardest part of the game, and the more you THINK about approaching, the less you’ll DO it.

The truth is that most guys have never approached a girl in their life.

Imagine that for a second. (If you’re one of those guys then you don’t have to imagine.)

They have never walked up to a girl they liked and talked to her. So the only girls they meet are from friends or the mediocre girls that approach them first.

And even when they meet girls, they have no idea how to build attraction and take things to the next level. If the girl does it for them, then great, but if not then back to PornHub (a site I’m not bashing, but just saying).

That was me, and I got tired of watching a small percentage of guys get most of the women while I begged for scraps. I put myself on a mission to be THAT GUY, the one who you see in a bar and hate because he’s getting girls even though he has average looks and dresses like a bum with t-shirts his little sister bought for him years ago (true story).