The Best Romantic Songs

Dani launched a campaign in Facebook asking men and women from all around the world which were their favorite romantic songs. Here are the results! If you were looking for advice and suggestions in the area, in this post you’ll have a few! I was really surprised finding a lot of great material I didn’t even know about! The Best Romantic Songs

If you got one song you love and you think it could be a wonderful suggestion to our readers, leave it in the comments section. We’ll keep the list updated!

• Suggested by Mario: Mr Big – To be with you
• Suggested by Silvia: U2 – With or without you
• Suggested by Mario: Damien Rice – Volcano
• Suggested by Stixx: George Michael – Careless Whisper
• Suggested by Ghaith: Kenny Rodgers – Lady
• Suggested by Jovan: Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
• Suggested by Jojo: Chicago – I don’t want to live with you
• Suggested by Noel: Hazel O’Connor – Will you
• Suggested by Nikki: The Beatles – Something
• Suggested by Selene: Rebecca St. James – Wait for me
• Suggested by Nasheel: Morcheeba – World Looking In
• Suggested by Ulandi: Enigma – I Love You
• Suggested by Thando: Fairground Attraction – Perfect
• Suggested by Mario: Kath Bloom – Come Here
• Suggested by Ahmed: Bon Jovi – Bed of roses
• Suggested by Stuart: Live – Dancing with you
• Suggested by Ousama: Claude Barzotti – Aime moi
• Suggested by Gary: KC and Jojo – All my life
• Suggested by Chris: R. Kelly – If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
• Suggested by Faisal: The Verve – Lucky Time
• Suggested by Marlon: Gary Wright – Love is Alive
• Suggested by Joe: The Used – Smother Me
• Suggested by David: Silent Lucidity – Queensryche
• Suggested by Bill: DJ Sammy – Were in heaven

Note! We don’t have ANY rights to these songs nor to their distribution. The links in YouTube are for you just to preview these tracks and if you like them, you can purchase the songs or the whole albums. This site doesn’t encourage piracy.