The Best Places To Take Girls

One good day you might just want to go for a coffee, drink or dinner with your date. Though I have a very particular view on how first dates should be, I still take girls out to bars and restaurants too. It’s not something bad. On the contrary, it will happen sooner or later. And you better be prepared!

The Best Places To Take Girls

The trick is that the preparation won’t come in the way of practicing what you are going to say, staying an hour in front of the mirror or thinking about all the possible situations that could happen. No – The preparation takes place on the field and essentially where you want to take the girl to.

The best place to take a girl is where you stand out, where you are not one more guest. It’s a bar or restaurant where the staff breaks their heart for you to succeed and have a great time. A place where the guys in the entrance know you, where you call the waiters by name and where you are sure to make her feel excellent.

Are there many places like that? Of course there are! It’s all a matter of being wise, a matter of going frequently to the place, speaking with the staff, establishing a bond and, above all, leaving great tips. That’s what I mean with preparation.

In those kinds of places the employers are always in a rush, hearing complaints from hundreds of guests daily and with no one really caring about them. You have to be different. If you go often to a certain place, speak with these people, ask them how they are feeling, ask them to tell you something about their lives and always leave them a high tip. You’ll stand out and they will want to help you.

It’s not hard to achieve this and it’s something you all should do. Go out continuously to the same restaurants and bars for a little while, make yourself a regular. The differences will be huge. If there are no tables, they will find one for you. Any problem will be solved fast, they will want to help. It all for the better! All this will make your date feel better, plus it’s a solid showing of social proof.

Beyond these relationships, there are still many more benefits of going consistently to the same places. You’ll know which are the best things to order, which is the best time to go and, above all, how to make the girl more comfortable in that scenario. It just makes sense!