The 3 Best Movies to Watch With a Girl

Once you have been dating this girl for a while, the time may come that you will finally invite her to your place. Cook her something nice, talk about your stories and experiences and have a great laugh together. The 3 Best Movies to Watch With a Girl

Then, an excellent way of finishing off the evening would be for you to watch a great film together. There’s thousands of them around, so be sure to choose the right ones to play – those movies that will further show off your value. I strongly recommend playing her a film that adequates to the following criteria:

A movie about your dreams

Speaking about ambitions and fantasies are a key part in any conversation with women. You have to show them off, along with your dreams and hopes. Play her a movie you identify your dreams with. I show girls Before Sunrise and thus demonstrate all my romantic side, telling them how I took the exact same train and had similar experiences when I traveled. They love to hear those stories and we end up having great conversations together.

A movie about your roots

I look, eat and speak as an Italian. It’s the blood running inside me and is the past of my family, which I’m very proud of. This makes me special as there’s a lot of history, traditions and folklore behind it. I proudly show it off when I play movies as Cinema Paradiso, which go deep into the values and life of the old Italian society. If you got interesting past stories, let her know them through a great movie and you will have hours-long enjoyable conversations with her.

A movie about your adventures

Recognize a funny and crazy story of yours inside a great movie. Women love to hear about your adventures and will be even more willing to listen if you identify them in the film you see together. I make girls watch Wedding Crashers with me and we both have a great laugh. Then, I throw the bomb and tell them that I did the exact same things the guys in the movie do and crashed weddings myself. They get really excited and can’t wait for me to tell them each and every detail of the experience!