Ten Tips For Packing Light

Deciding on what things to pack for an upcoming trip can be quite challenging. While it can be very tempting to bring as many clothes, shoes, and gadgets as you can fit in your luggage to make your travel as fun as possible, doing so poses a number of disadvantages.

Apart from having to pay more for the extra baggage and enduring all the hassle at the baggage claim area, you would also end up lugging around these heavy and bulky suitcases as you go from one city to another. Imagine how stressful and exhausting that would be!

So, to ensure that your next trip is a breeze, here are 10 tips on how to pack light:

1. Prepare a list of everything that you want to take to your trip. Review it over and over, removing a few items every time, until you are left with only the most essential ones , such as shirts, pants and shorts, socks, and underwear.

2. Get yourself a small bag, backpack, or suitcase. Make sure that it is lightweight and made of durable material. A backpack is ideal for travels that involve a lot of walking and hiking, while a luggage with wheels is perfect for easy maneuvering and spares your back and arms from a heavy load.

3. Choose clothes that can easily be mixed and matched. Decide on a particular color and bring only those that belong to that palette. This allows you to wear any combination of your tops, bottoms, and shoes, without looking too out-of-this-world.

4. Remember that you can always just buy stuff when you get to your destination. Whether it is toiletries, snacks, or some extra pair of underwear, you would surely be able to find these things there.

5. Go for versatile footwear options, a pair that you can use for a wide range of physical activities and environmental conditions. You should want one or two that would not fail you as you spend hours and hours partaking in various touristy things, whether it is something as chill as visiting museums or something as demanding as climbing up a steep rocky hill or crossing a couple of small streams and rivers on a trekking expedition.

6. Examine the space inside your backpack or suitcase. Are there pockets or compartments? Try to put your most expensive belongings, such as a tablet, laptop, and extra cash, inside a concealed partition to keep them safe.

7. Roll your clothes to maximize every inch of available room. This technique not only makes the best use of the smallest space available but it also reduces wrinkling.

8. Keep your toothbrush, comb, floss, lip gloss, medicines, and other dry toiletries in a zip-lock bag, and your shampoo, soap, and lotion in another one, and place them all on top of your clothes or in a front pocket for easy access.

9. If you really cannot do away without a hairdryer or a laptop, consider buying miniature versions of them. You can easily find room for a mini-dryer, or a smartphone or tablet in your very limited and already constricted baggage allowance, as compared to the full-sized ones.

10. Do not forget to bring a collapsible duffle or tote bag with you for souvenirs and other purchases you may want to take home with you.