Tasting Success

Rewind we were having an off night not following the rule of crash and open again which is the only one we don’t have done but a crucial one. See my rules post for more info. Thankfully Edge and I are decked out in our normal rock star-esque peacocking gear. We are standing at the bar for a split second going shit we need to get this done and build momentum when we get attacked by 5 Russian girls. 4 of them super hot.

This being a new occourance, having them come up to us when we are not in a locked in pre-selected area. We didnt’ know what to do right away but hey this is how you learn, fucking it up once or twice then getting it right.

In retrospect, the problem stems from leading. On the plus side there was this other guy standing next to us who claims to be a PUA and we were actually a little intimidated by him a few weeks ago. BUT no longer. Now he is here trying to steal the remnants of our sets but when the Russian girls come he can’t hang. He flies into “chode mode” and starts buying them drinks while Edge and I lock ourselves in against the bar and start qualifying and vibing with the girls. Soon he slinks away. And to think, before we were intimidated and now only a few weeks later we are dominating over him.

Back to the important points the girls basically come up and offer themselves to us. They come up qualify themselves and bounce around. Then they start getting sexual kissing each other. This was not like one of those look at us we are playing mock bisexual, it was an all out show of please choose us. I could smell the threesome if not more. Of course a lot of this comes to me afterward. Plain and simple we do not escalate fast enough.

The girls wanted a crazy party and we were just kinda chill we didn’t calibrate up fast enough. This entire game is calibration. I had a feeling inside that we could have pulled them so we definitely should have tried and next time we will. Edge number closes the super hot one, pester him for pictures he has them. All in all it was a good experience and next time I will be more prepared. If you are always escalating, then the interaction won’t stale. It was fun but you can really feel the pressure when you’re in it and it’s winning time… if you don’t take the lead it will stale and it does.

Key thoughts escalate escalate escalate.

This really amped me up. It leads into the next post I am writing about feeling the fury within. It was so close I could almost taste it and remembering it is driving me crazy to push harder next time. Swing for the fences.