SurveyCompare Review: Legit or Scam?


Are you looking for a way to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your own home? SurveyCompare may be the solution you’ve been searching for. This platform matches users with top marketing research companies, allowing them to earn up to £300 per month by completing online surveys. This amount of money could help you cover your monthly transportation and food expenses and provide a little extra income.

What is SurveyCompare

But before you dive in, you may be wondering if SurveyCompare is a legitimate and trustworthy website. The answer is a resounding yes – SurveyCompare is owned and operated by Marketing VF Ltd, a reputable London-based company. While they do not provide users with direct access to surveys or handle payments, they do offer a list of leading marketing research companies that users can sign up with and start taking surveys through their platforms. Retail giants like Tesco, Boots, and Top Shop hire these companies to gather data on consumer behaviors and opinions, which helps them improve and launch products and services.

Is SurveyCompare Legit?

If you’re worried about giving out your contact information, SurveyCompare’s Privacy Policy ensures that your data is only used for sign-ups and email communication about offers – and you can opt out at any time. Additionally, SurveyCompare only acts as an affiliate, connecting users with trusted partners and earning a commission for completed surveys. Survey Spotter, TopPaidSurveys, Pay Surveys UK, and SurveyVoices are websites that are comparable.

While earning up to £300 per month from taking surveys sounds enticing, it’s important to manage your expectations. Not all users will earn the same amount, as the frequency and availability of surveys can vary. However, SurveyCompare does offer a convenient and easy way to make some extra money in your free time.

First Impressions

SurveyCompare is a survey aggregator that operates two different homepages, and Although both sites offer the same list of surveys, they use slightly different marketing strategies. is the older version that provides detailed information about the company and the earning potential of various survey panels. It also features a helpful FAQ section that answers all your questions regarding paid surveys. When visiting this homepage, I was impressed by SurveyCompare’s honesty and the cautionary message about scams. They clearly state that paid surveys are only a way to make pocket money and not a full-time salary. In addition, they advise you to steer clear of any website that claims you can get rich through paid surveys.

Previously, some unscrupulous marketers tried to sell a list of secret survey sites that promised to make you thousands of dollars. SurveyCompare warns against such deceitful sites and assures you that all legitimate survey sites are free to join. I particularly appreciate the survey partner list on this homepage, which details cash incentives, minimum payouts, and average survey lengths. The blog also provides useful information about side hustles such as mystery shopping, data entry, and typing jobs.

On the other hand, is part of their paid advertising strategy, and it features much less information than the older version. This page claims that you can earn up to £300 per month by completing surveys, making it an attractive proposition for those who want to earn some extra cash. However, this claim is based on the assumption that the average survey pays £3, which is an overstatement. From my experience, most surveys pay less than £1.50, and some even pay less than £0.50.

Although SurveyCompare’s partner sites send surveys directly to your inbox, many times you will not qualify for a survey, and the payout for the survey can be as low as £0.15 to £0.60 for a 10-20 minute survey. Completing five surveys per day, five days per week to reach the target of £300 per month can be a challenging and time-consuming task. In fact, you may have to spend at least four hours a day on your computer to achieve this.

Pros and Cons


  • SurveyCompare provides a comprehensive list of legitimate survey sites that users can join for free.
  • The website also provides information about the earning potential, cash incentives, and minimum payouts of different survey partners, as well as other side hustles like mystery shopping and data entry jobs.
  • The FAQ section on the website is very helpful and informative, and SurveyCompare emphasizes the importance of being cautious and avoiding survey scams.
  • Users can choose to sign up through the main website ( or a separate landing page for paid advertising (


  • While SurveyCompare provides a list of legitimate survey sites, it doesn’t actually offer surveys itself, so users will need to sign up for multiple sites to access a variety of surveys.
  • The earning potential of online surveys is often overhyped, and SurveyCompare’s claim that users can earn up to £300 per month through surveys may be unrealistic for most people.
  • SurveyCompare’s list of survey partners may not be comprehensive, and users may miss out on opportunities to earn money from other legitimate survey sites that are not included on the list.
  • Some users have reported issues with receiving spam emails and phone calls after signing up for survey sites through SurveyCompare, although this may be a common issue with many survey sites in general.

How Does SurveyCompare Work?

Getting started with SurveyCompare is easy and free! Simply provide your email, date of birth, and gender to register. After signing up, you’ll receive a list of recommended survey companies. The list includes a brief description of each company, reward options, and signup bonuses. You’ll also find links to the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

To select survey panels, click on the blue “Join Now” button. SurveyCompare recommends that you tick all the boxes to receive as many surveys as possible and maximize your earnings. Currently, there are 10 legit survey platforms on the list, including YouGov, Toluna Influencers, Opinion OutPost, Swagbucks, Maximiles, Mingle GFK Media View, Vindale Research, LifePoints, and Valued Opinions.

Once you’ve selected your survey panels, click on “Sign up and Start Earning” and complete a short questionnaire with your full name and address. SurveyCompare will automatically sign you up for all the survey sites you’ve selected. Each site will send you a confirmation email that you need to open and click on the link to activate your account. From now on, you’ll receive daily opportunities in your email and you are free to complete as many surveys as you want.

You will waste a lot of time!

Keep in mind that you may waste a lot of time completing qualification questions, as companies are always selecting a specific group of people to offer the most relevant data for their clients. You may be disqualified for many surveys, so a large part of your time may go to waste. However, being screened out is something that happens with most survey panels, so there is no way around it. Either you accept that you will waste time or forget about taking surveys altogether.


After confirming your email, you have to play by the rules of each panel. You’ll need to reach the minimum payout threshold of each platform to be able to withdraw your money. For example, Lifepoints require a minimum of £3, whereas Opinion Outpost requires just £2.50. Some online surveys like Toluna will give you points that you can redeem for cash rewards, so make sure you check the value of the point and calculate your reward before completing surveys.


SurveyCompare is a useful tool for those interested in taking online surveys to make extra cash. However, keep in mind that being disqualified from surveys is a common occurrence, and you may not earn as much as you initially hoped. Nonetheless, with patience and persistence, you can make some money from these survey panels.