State And Energy – The Way You Feel

Our emotions, the way we feel, is the number one factor affecting our communication and ability to approach and escalate with women.

State And Energy – The Way You Feel

Have you ever been in a state where everything was flowing around you, nothing could dampen this incredible feeling you had inside you, and you felt on top of the world? You may have experienced emotions of joy, happiness or intense pleasure, where you were deeply in the moment and enjoying just being alive. This is the feeling you need when approaching women.

Having control of our feelings and being able to decrease or amplify our feelings is an amazing skill to have, since the way we feel, affects the way we see the world and the way we behave in it.

Many people place importance on routines,  scripts or lines when talking to women and have no understanding of theirs or others emotions – which means these kind of people come off as weird or socially awkward.

An understanding of emotions is crucial to communicating with women, as, for example, sometimes the women can say something with her words, and be saying something else with her body language or facial expression; learn to look deeper than the words people use. There are many levels to understanding yourself and others, and as you approach, talk and interact with people in daily life, your understanding of communication will grow.

What Are Emotions?

An emotion is basically a linguistic label we give to a cluster of bodily sensations we experience in the moment. Varying sensations such as: level of tension/relaxation, speed of our heart rate and our level of energy – cause us to experience different emotions.

Take the emotion of fear – when you feel this emotion, many of you will notice that your stomach is tight, your breathing is more rapid and shallow and your overall muscle tonus is increased. All these sensations give us our label of “fear”.

We have two main options to change and affect our emotions:

1- We can change our thoughts and let them change our feelings and physiology.

2- We can change our physiology (the way we use our body) and let that change our thoughts and feelings.

The first option is generally the more challenging one, as getting conscious control of our thoughts usually requires training such as meditation. The second option is more under our direct conscious control; we can slow down our breathing, relax our muscles and open our body language, to feel more confident, honest and relaxed.

Give this a go. Before an approach, notice how your body feels – more than likely your level of arousal will be higher than normal and you might feel a nervous energy. Now, try this – take a deep breath, filling up your chest and stomach, hold it for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly, and shake out your body, to relax the muscles. Notice, how you feel more relaxed and calm with a clear mind. You are now ready to do a spontaneous, fun approach.

Remember! Women are attracted to positive feelings and emotions, so the feeling you have inside you will affect the feeling you give to her, through your interaction with her. If you feel crap, have low energy and then you approach her, more than likely you will not be smiling and the way you express yourself will come across as needy and desperate – two emotions which we want to avoid.

Contrast this with, you approaching her with a big smile on your face and with your entire body filled with positive, playful and happy energy. Which one do you think will go better?

So How Do We Get This State?

Think of it like this – when you approach a woman, your main aim is to improve the way she feels and  you can do this a number of ways, by; making her laugh or smile, listening to her express herself, being genuinely interested in her or by generally exuding a happy and positive vibe. You will find that by making her feel good, this will cause you to feel good.

Make this your new perspective when approaching women and communicating with people and notice: how much better your approaches go, how much better you feel, and see also, that people will love to be around you more, as your happy and joyful vibe spreads to others.

TIP: We feel good, when we make other people feel good.

A major component of this magical state is energy, and as we all know, your level of energy fluctuates throughout the day depending on a number of factors, here are 3 powerful ways to boost your energy:

  • Exercise 20-30 minutes per day – Do something you enjoy, that raises your heart rate for at least 20 minutes per day. Our bodies are designed to move and through movement we produce energy – Emotion is created by motion.
  • Sleep for at least 8 or 9 hours per night. Our bodies go through cycles of stress and recovery and sleep is our body’s way of restoring our physical and mental functions. Go to bed on a fairly empty stomach and when you wake up, the ideal way to feel is refreshed, balanced and calm. Change your sleeping habits and you will change your life -Your energy will skyrocket, your mind will be clearer and you will be in a better mood most of the time.
  • Tell the truth, be honest and genuine – this will boost your energy massively, as you feel like a weight is lifted off of your shoulders, you no longer have to pretend to be anyone but you. Say what is on your mind, and speak honestly about what you think and feel. Be comfortable and accepting with yourself, and others will feel comfortable around you.

There are many more ideas that increase your energy and improve your emotions, and I’m sure you can think of a lot more things you enjoy doing, which make you feel happy and excited.

The basic idea is do more of the things that make you feel good and less of the things that don’t. Now go out there and keep Approaching Beautiful Women.