Spring Profits Review: Is It Worth the Hype?


Looking to make $25,000 a week with just 10 minutes of work per day? That’s the promise of Spring Profits, but does it live up to the hype? As someone who has reviewed countless internet marketing products, I can tell you that most of them fall short of their promises.

What is Spring Profits?

So, is Spring Profits a scam or a legitimate opportunity to grow your eCommerce business? Let’s take a closer look.

First off, the sales page for Spring Profits is full of unrealistic expectations and false promises. While it may seem like an easy way to make money online, the truth is that building a successful eCommerce business takes time and effort.

Despite what the sales page may tell you, spending just 10 minutes a day on your business is not enough to see significant growth or generate substantial income. And while Spring Profits claims you can make thousands of dollars with just one word on a t-shirt, the reality is that it’s not that simple.

Red Flags

One of the biggest red flags with Spring Profits is the use of fake testimonials. The owner has hired people from Fiverr.com to provide fake reviews, which can be a major turn-off for potential customers.

While the low startup costs may seem attractive, the real challenge lies in marketing your T-shirts to potential customers. Paid traffic methods can be expensive, so it’s important to have a solid strategy in place.

The Course

The Spring Profits course consists of three eBooks covering topics such as market research, keyword research, branding, content marketing, and social media strategies. However, one downside is that there are no video tutorials, which some learners may prefer.

Additionally, there is no community aspect to Spring Profits, which can be a drawback for those seeking support and motivation from other entrepreneurs. While you can ask questions to the support team, you won’t have the opportunity to exchange information with peers.

Overall, if you’re looking for guidance on starting an online T-shirt business, Spring Profits may be worth considering. However, it’s important to have realistic expectations and to supplement the course with additional learning and support resources.

Can You Make Money with Spring Profits?

While it’s possible to make a substantial income using Teespring, it’s important to take things one step at a time. Don’t be discouraged from building a successful online business with Teespring, but don’t expect to make a fortune overnight either.

The way Spring Profits is advertised may lead some to believe that working less than an hour per day can lead to quick and easy profits. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. The real challenge lies in marketing your T-shirts to a large and engaged audience.

Spring Profits can teach you both free and paid traffic strategies to promote your T-shirts. However, generating free traffic involves building trust and growing your followers on social media, which takes time. Paid traffic methods can provide faster results, but you should be prepared to invest a significant amount of money on ads to generate the level of income you want.

It’s important to accept the risks involved in this business model, including the possibility that your design won’t attract enough buyers. To succeed, you must be willing to test and learn from your marketing campaigns.

Pros and Cons of Spring Profits


  • Spring Profits provides valuable information on how to start a T-shirt business using the print-on-demand platform Teespring.
  • The course covers important topics such as market research, keyword research, trademark and copyright research, and marketing strategies.
  • The content is presented in three comprehensive eBooks, which are easy to read and understand.
  • The course provides both free and paid traffic methods for marketing T-shirts.
  • Spring Profits is relatively affordable, with a one-time cost of $37.
  • The print-on-demand model means that there are low startup costs, as you don’t need to keep stock.


  • There are no video tutorials, which may make it more difficult for some learners to absorb the information.
  • There is no community or support system, which may make it challenging for learners to get help and motivation.
  • The course claims that it is possible to make $25,000 per week, which may be unrealistic and may mislead learners.
  • The marketing strategies provided may require a significant investment in paid traffic methods, which may not be feasible for some learners.
  • The success of the T-shirt business depends on the quality of the designs, which may be challenging for some learners to create.
  • The market for T-shirts is highly competitive, which may make it difficult for learners to stand out and make sales.


Spring Profits is a course that teaches how to sell T-shirts online using the print-on-demand platform called Teespring. While this business model has its advantages, such as low startup costs and the ability to outsource production and shipping, it also requires significant effort and investment in marketing to reach a large audience. The lack of video tutorials and community support are also potential drawbacks of the course.

Additionally, the claims of earning $25,000 per week with minimal effort are unrealistic and may lead to disappointment. However, with proper expectations and a willingness to learn and test marketing strategies, Spring Profits can be a valuable resource for those looking to enter the T-shirt business.