Spices Kit For Travelers

One of the best ideas ever is to actually travel with a spices kit. If you are a bit into cooking it’s the way to go. Most hostels here and there have kitchens where you can cook yourself a big and delicious meal. Impress friends, girls and boys or just delight yourself cooking something great. Go beyond the classic pasta with some random sauce and spend a few more minutes and prepare something original.

With a few spices in your arsenal, this will be easy! You’ll, though, hardly find the right condiment in a hostel’s kitchen and it’s not really worth it to go to supermarket to buy them. So then, why not to prepare yourself before hand? Grab a few envelopes or small plastic bags and put some dry spices in there. It’s actually a brilliant idea and hardly takes much space in your bag – occupies less place than a single t-shirt.

Which spices you take is all up to you. I like and cook Italian food better, so I usually take Italian condiments, plus a few others. But the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you take the right quantities. I don’t take kilos of oregano – I just take 4-5 meals worth of it, as I usually don’t plan to cook more than that with it. Optimize!

Which is, then, my spices kit?

  • 1 Small bottle of olive oil (I’m an olive oil freak.)
  • Big bags: salt, dissected garlic and onion
  • Smaller bags: oregano, parsley, pepper, chili, paprika, basil, laurel, rosemary & herbes de Provence (all dissected)

Next time I’m going on a trip I’ll post a photo for you so you can see how simple and how small the whole thing ends up being! Do you have your own spices kit? Let us know and post a comment below!