Social Circle Game The Warm Approach

When it comes to gaming without game, I want to first talk to you about building social circle game.  Simple effective strategies that Edge and I discovered to create success where I had 42 girls in one room fighting over me every weekend.  Doing it all without any ‘traditional game’.Social Circle Game The Warm Approach

Its actually extremely simple so keep reading and YOU can have girls fighting for you if you read and follow the steps in this and the next few posts on social circle game. 

First off, why is a social circle, small town, or college so different from meeting women out in a big city?

Simple, there is limited number of people in a smaller environment.

When you’re in a smaller environment, you don’t have the luxury of field testing your game and learning to calibrate by approaching 5000 women. You game ‘traditionally’ and you have to get it right the first time or you run the risk of forever being labeled as the weird guy using lines like that VH1 show.

I like to think of everything from a small town, a social circle, and even a college or university as just one social circle.  A small town, a college, and a university are giant social circles, but they are still social circles.   I call it a closed social circle because you tend to see the same people over and over again or at least the same core people.

Whether you all go to the same school, live near each other, or have a mutual friend: there is the fact that you have something in common and that makes the world of difference when compared to doing traditional cold approaches in a large city.

This is how I think about it: When you are out at a bar or club, you can go out and practice anything you want. You have the ability to screw up and still go back to the same bar next weekend and no one from the week before will be there or if they are they certainly won’t remember you.  This gives you time to practice and fine-tune your ‘game.’

Plain and simple you don’t have the luxury of testing out tactics and techniques or “warming up” in closed social circle, instead you have to go under the radar in a way people won’t even realize your ‘gaming’.

I am sure a lot of you guys have read plenty of stuff on pick-up and tried a few things here and there.  You’ve probably even had a little success from time to time, but when you think about applying it in a small social setting like a social circle, a college, a small town or in a group of friends, you find that a lot of what has been written doesn’t make practical sense.

In fact, most guys say that they can’t practice “game” in the PUA-sense around people who know them for one reason or another.  Maybe you feel embarrassed or scared or feel like your friends “just wouldn’t understand”.  I would say that those feeling of  reluctance to use classic PUA game in close company is probably a very good fear to have – if you think using traditional stuff is unusual, weird and creepy to the average person, then that’s a clue that it’s time to explore some down-to-earth alternatives.

Simply put:  Most of what’s out there is geared toward meeting women at bars, clubs, and during the day in a giant city that has a huge population.

Those are all places where making a fool of yourself won’t have a lasting impact since it won’t be remembered by your audience.  But regardless of whether or not you’re in a big city, there are going to be plenty of situations where you want to succeed with women, but you’re with your “normal” friends and you are not totally anonymous.

In a closed social circle the main venues are house parties, whether they are small get-togethers or giant “keggers”.  No matter how small or large the number of people at the party, the environment and the dynamics are similar.  Everyone has something in common or knows someone there or they all go to the same school and by the 2nd or 3rd party everyone knows everyone.

Because the dynamics at house parties are so completely different, a specialized approach to game is required.  Sure you can use all the stuff you’ve read about or used during the day or at a club, but what if I told you there was a fool-proof way to run a type of game where it is impossible for you to fail AND where it is impossible for anyone to realize that you are ‘gaming.’  Would you want you learn it?

Now that you have a good idea of the foundational different style that we have been developing for “gaming without game,” we are going to next talk about the theory behind “gaming without game” in a social circle setting so you can be the guy women are magnetically drawn too without having to be on any sports team, looking like a GQ stud or being rich and privileged.  We’re talking about the guy who is not necessarily genetically/physically gifted (six-pack, super tall, incredibly handsome) and yet with this new cutting-edge style of ‘gaming without game’ you will always do very well with women.