Simple Move To Defeat Bedroom Resistance

Here’s a simple move I came up with in Colombia, a place where the girls put up a lot of boner-busting resistance before the bang.Simple Move To Defeat Bedroom Resistance

If you’re in bed with a girl for a while and keep hitting a wall, say the following:

“How about we take a quick nap?”

What girl refuses a nap? After messing around for a while you both will be in half-sleep mode anyway.

Then after a couple minutes say, “I don’t sleep in my jeans though.”

Take off your jeans without waiting for her to respond. Then say, “You sleep in your jeans? They’re uncomfortable, no?”

Most girls will then reluctantly take off their jeans, maybe adding a “But we’re not doing anything” comment. Agree with her. If she is hesitant to take them off, say, “You can take off your jeans but I don’t want you to get too excited because I just want to sleep a little.”

The whole point of this is getting those jeans off because subsequent dry humping with only boxers and panties will turn her on more than jean-on-jean dry humping. The odds of sex happening when she gets down to her panties is extremely high (I estimate 80%). Try it.

While it’s essential you know how to talk to a girl and make her feel attracted to you, it’s even more important to know the little tricks and moves that get her clothes off as efficiently as possible. This is what I call being “sleazy.” It pays to be a sleazy because the girl is not going to do it for you unless she’s exceptionally drunk or slutty.