Second Dates

If you have been reading for a while you’ll surely know the most important things to do on a first date. But after that? The second date is almost equally important. It can either potentiate all you have achieved or, on the contrary, kill you off completely. Be careful!

Second Dates

If you got a second date is because you have been doing alright. Girls won’t give a guy they don’t like another chance, so if you got to that point means that you were doing things fine. It doesn’t mean, though, that that would still work for the second date.

What To Speak About

You should and are expected be deeper and more intimate than the first time you met. You don’t have to rush or overdo it, but you still have to move out from first base. The girl will give you a hand with that too – if she’s interested she’ll try to move you out too.

You can take off from where you left last time – or come up with something on the same level.  But then, slowly but progressively, escalate to something deeper, romantic and more emotional.

Calibrate yourself to that and to the girl you are dating. Some girls will need more time of chit-chat and the usual getting-to-know-each other conversations, but it’s cool if you slowly take them away to where you want them to. Just be gentle, make it seamless and completely natural.

But whatever reason, keep your line. If you were gentle and almost non-flirty on the first date, don’t be a flirty and gross man on the second one. Just be a small variation – make her discover a little bit more about you, one side that you had already hinted and let her know about.


If you haven’t so far, a second date is probably the last time you have to start touching her. I will keep insisting on this, but you have to touch girls when you are out. Grab her hand, gently touch her face… Do something. It will kill off all unnecessary tension.

Something as simple as this will make kisses and caresses more natural later on. Just be careful and don’t be too gross: avoid touching her breasts, inner thighs, etc.


A second date is my favorite moment to close. By the second encounter, if everything had been going alright, I should have created enough attraction to make the first kiss happen. That’s something achievable on the first meeting already, but waiting and pushing the moment to the end of the second creates more wish, expectation and excitement in the girl.

If you just can’t find a perfect moment to kiss her, don’t worry and push it to a third date. But be really careful – sometimes not kissing is more risky than trying. There’s no bigger chances-killer than making the girl become disappointed or bored of you.

Mind, if it’s informal or daytime dates you can permit yourself not trying to kiss. But you at least have to escalate enough so that a kiss would be expected on your next night meet up.