Rules of Wingmen

I’ve already explained what a wingman is and why all men should find one. Basically, having one sidekick will help you getting in the mood, showing higher value, and interacting with some of the hardest-to-get groups of girls.

Rules of Wingmen

The aim is to go for a win-win situation, where both of you succeed. And the best way to achieve this is avoiding any possible conflicts. For this purpose, these are set of rules I suggest you to use:

1- The first priority of the wing is to help his friend. If your friend is flirting with a girl and you join in, help HIM get the girl. You can work for yourself if there are more girls in the group.

2- The one who opens gets the first choice. If you open, like the blonde girl and your wing comes and tries to flirt with her too, it’s over. Communication has to be clear and the one who opens has to be respected. Never steal your wing’s target.

3- The wing should take care of the obstacles. He should pave the way for his friend to get one-on-one with the girl he likes. If there’s a fat and ugly he has to speak for a while to help his friend, he’ll have to do it (and with a smile!)

4- You must always agree with your wing. Never take the girls’ side over his – no matter what. He is always right.

5- Your wing is a fantastic guy. He’s great, cool, cultured, fun and no less than the best person in the universe. That’s why you hang out with him. Let girls know this.

6- Never disrespect your wing. If he approaches where you are, turn to face him. Never leave him standing around – introduce him to the girls. In the same way, never make a joke, bad comment or anything similar about him.

If you stand by these six rules, you’ll achieve great success. Results are way better if you work as a team. Just make sure you pick the right friend for the job. The wing has to be someone who you can help but will also help you in return. There’s no point if you help him to get all the girls and he doesn’t do much to give you a hand.