Rules of my Game

This is my working rules for how to have a good night every night. Although they are not required, every night I follow these guidelines I’ve set out everything seems to go really well. When I have a bad night I can usually trace it back to not following one of these. This will help lead toward finally not giving a fuck fully.


1. Set your criterion for success to going out. Plain and simple nothing more nothing less. Go out.

2. Vocal warm ups. Warm up your voice. Sing in your car and warm your voice up, really open it up full full force. Personally I have to top out my voice, singing a song and getting extremely amped up. This warms it up for me to be able to project really well in venues where the music is insanely loud.

3. Pump your own state with craziness. Act like a hot 10. Being in the moment and pump your state using only your emotional brain not your logical one. Talk silliness to your wing just let your brain flow.

4. Open right away on the street but most important get in the venue and keep opening. Talk only to new groups of people immediately in the venue. This will get you on a roll.

5. Infringe on other peoples space with your voice. This will bump your state and your attraction in set and from near by sets.

6. Stay in the venue when you get on a roll. Use the momentum to not give a fuck. Ride the wave up.

7. Be on your own. Open groups and let your wing come in after you have hooked and locked in then he can get on your wave.

Negative Frame: Do not be wing man dependent. We can not save each other. Support does not work. Your wing will suck up your state and his crappy time can suck your state. The one that is in a flow has to open and lock in to a set and hook it then the wing can come in and get in conversation.

8. Stay in the moment and push forward keep the momentum. Keep a clear mind.

Negative Frame: Never talk game, think game or analyze game in the field.

9. Stay out until the end of the night. This builds up your tolerance to the nightlife.

10. Keep to the rules.

11. Re frame your bad night into a good night. Just think of one thing that you did that you haven’t done before. One place you pushed your edge in a new way. Then bam your crappy night will become a good night of learning.