Rapid Profit System Review – The Pros and Cons


Omar and Melinda Martin, experienced digital marketers and entrepreneurs, recently launched a new online course called Rapid Profit System. The course is designed to teach people how to earn money quickly while building a list, which is an important asset for any online business.

What is Rapid Profit System?

One of the main focuses of the Rapid Profit System course is teaching a quick and easy method for promoting digital products on JVZoo, an online marketplace for digital products. JVZoo is known for its high commission rates, which can range from 50% to 100%, making it an attractive option for affiliate marketers. Many affiliates earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day through promoting products on JVZoo.

However, despite the potential for high earnings, there are many products on JVZoo that are overhyped and fall short in terms of real value. This is where Rapid Profit System comes in – it aims to teach its students how to find good products on JVZoo and make good commissions.

How Does it Work?

So, what does the Rapid Profit System course include? The course is divided into three phases:

Phase 1 – Your Market: This phase teaches students how to select a profitable niche market by researching audience behavior, understanding their problems, and choosing products that meet their needs. Selecting a profitable niche is a critical first step before creating any marketing campaigns.

Phase 2 – The Funnel: In this phase, students will learn how to create a landing page, build a subscriber list, and offer bonuses to their prospects before directing them to the affiliate offer. A well-designed funnel can significantly increase conversion rates and lead to higher earnings.

Phase 3 – Your Traffic Campaign: This phase focuses on traffic and email marketing. Students will learn how to create Facebook ad campaigns, gather audiences of buyers, and create email campaigns to continue promoting offers to their list. Building a list is a valuable asset for any online business, and this phase teaches students how to leverage it effectively.

In addition to the three main phases, the Rapid Profit System course includes several bonuses, including a professionally designed bonus page, a high-converting follow-up email series, five bonus incentives with Private Label Rights, immediate approval to promote Omar’s other products, a vendor approach script, and a bonus resource list to find quality and affordable PLR products.


In the world of online marketing, upsells are a common strategy used to increase profits. Once you purchase the front end product of Rapid Profit System by Omar and Melinda Martin, you’ll be offered two upsells.

The first upsell is the Rapid Profit System TURBO Package for $27. This package includes 20 additional bonus products that can be used in your campaigns. You’ll also get four custom bonus pages, four pre-written email campaigns, 2,500+ highest converting email subject lines, and Omar’s broadcast email vault. According to Omar, these emails have generated millions in revenue.

The second upsell is the Rapid Profit System Powerhouse for $37. This upgrade offers a SECRET Funnel Session Workshop where you can learn tips and tricks to develop high converting sales funnel. The SECRET Traffic Session Workshop teaches you the strategies used by experienced marketers to drive a ton of quality traffic to your offers. Additionally, you’ll receive 30 more PLR products.

Does Rapid Profit Syste Work?

Now the question is, does this strategy work? While you can make commissions promoting JVZoo products, it’s important to note that investing in Facebook ads the way Rapid Profit System suggests can be risky. Top affiliates like Omar have already built a large email subscriber list, which enables them to make significant profits.

However, if you’re just starting out, relying solely on paid methods to generate consistent profits can be a significant challenge. Your squeeze page needs to convert extremely well to generate a positive return on investment. This is why testing is crucial before you find a winning campaign. Rapid Profit System doesn’t provide any guarantees, so it’s essential to keep in mind that any earnings or income statements are only estimates.

Moreover, it’s essential to be cautious of Facebook Ads policies, which can be strict. JVZoo products are known for their exaggerated claims and aggressive marketing campaigns, which can be detrimental to your landing page’s compliance with Facebook’s TOS. Failure to comply can lead to your ads account being disabled indefinitely, which would be unfortunate since Facebook is one of the best tools to get target traffic.


While Rapid Profit System may offer great value, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before investing in the upsells. Consider your level of experience and budget, and always keep in mind that success requires hard work, patience, and a willingness to learn and adapt.