Random Meetings

I’m sure you have a crush on one particular girl. Maybe she is from your university, from your job or maybe you met her somewhere else. But you are thrilled to show her your best.

Random Meetings

You probably see her just once a while and, unfortunately, in very tough and non-flirty conditions. But then, what would happen if you accidently meet up with her? Be it in the bus, on the street or at some relaxed social place… What would you do?

Most men dream about that. But they don’t know the answer, they don’t know what they would do. Guys, the men who stand out don’t just dream: they get prepared. You have to set things ready, so once you meet her you know exactly what you have to do.

It’s not exaggerated; it’s just plain common sense. This way you’ll avoid the most dreadful thing that can happen to you: to be very nervous. All men, and I include myself, will get nervous and uneasy when they surprisingly meet the girl they have a crush on. It’s normal, it’s what usually happens.

And it can be avoided. Preparation, then, doesn’t have to be limited to the first date. Be prepared for even the smallest random encounter. It will make the difference. If you know what to say, how to say and have a few quick jokes and teases ready, you are done. That’s what all this preparation is about.

You specifically should work on:

  • An opener. Don’t stick with the usual “Wow, what a coincidence. What are you doing here?” Instead, think up something better. Risk, go beyond the typical coincidence-scenario. If you can make her feel that you knew you were going to meet up, better. Having a good opener will give you more confidence.
  • At least two fast topics to speak about. Don’t stick with the usual weather or otherwise very boring small-talk. Think up great things, fun jokes and nice stuff to speak about. Just make sure you can do it fast.
  • A well calibrated close. A random encounter is a perfect chance to ask her out. Just make sure to ask it naturally. If you have been only small-talking it won’t look that way. But if you brought friends, places and fun ideas into the conversation, it will.

Note: If she’s with a guy, ask her out for a “group meet up.” You probably have friends in common. So tell her that you are organizing something for everyone and would love her to join too. Never back off.

As you see, this doesn’t look that hard. But it will still demand some of your time to clearly think things up. Just as when you go to the club and throw the exact pick up line you learned, you have to be prepared to say the right thing at the right time. It will have its payoff.