Pusher All Review – Can You Really Earn $500/Day?


Welcome to my review of Pusher All, a free coin pusher game available on Google Play. If you’re someone who enjoys playing games that supposedly offer real cash and prizes, then you might want to know more about this app. I stumbled upon Pusher All while browsing the Play Store and decided to give it a try. After all, who wouldn’t want to win money by simply playing a game, right?

However, before getting too excited, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first. You see, I’ve installed and played many similar apps in the past, and most of them turned out to be nothing more than advertising machines that simply served their creators. So, when I heard about Pusher All, I couldn’t help but wonder if it was just another one of those apps.

To find out the truth about Pusher All, I decided to put it to the test. In this review, I’ll share with you my experience with the game, how it works, and whether or not it’s worth your time. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details!

What Is Pusher All?

First things first, let’s talk about what Pusher All is. Pusher All is a free coin pusher simulation game created by mega2mobile, which is also responsible for other popular money games such as Vegas Pusher, Plinko Mania, and Fortunes Tree. In Pusher All, your goal is to collect virtual dollars by dropping nickels off a platform. Sounds simple enough, right?

But here’s the catch: you can only cash out your virtual earnings through PayPal, Cash App, or Messenger if you fulfill specific requirements. And that’s where things start to get a bit tricky. In order to cash out, you need to reach a minimum payout threshold of $500 (cash balance), 10,000,000 tokens, or 777. So, if you’re thinking of making some quick cash by playing this game, you might want to think again.

How Does Pusher All Work?

You might be wondering how a game like this can supposedly reward players with real money. Well, the answer is quite simple. Pusher All displays advertisements that you’re enticed to watch before you collect your virtual cash. And in return for displaying these ads, the game’s developer receives compensation from advertisers and shares that money with players who meet the withdrawal conditions.

But here’s where things start to get a bit fishy. Pusher All claims to offer an absurd amount of money to gamers, which seems incompatible with this type of business model. And that’s where my skepticism kicked in. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So, I started to investigate further.


Pusher All can be installed on your Android device from the Google Play store, and it’s 100% free. Once you launch the app, you’ll be prompted to select a withdrawal method to link with the game. As mentioned earlier, your options are PayPal, Cash App, or Messenger. Next, you’ll need to enter your email or phone number associated with your account and click on “link account.”

Cashing Out

If you choose PayPal as your withdrawal method, you’ll need to open the PayPal app and log in. This behavior seems a bit unusual and suspicious since the game only needs your email to transfer the money. So, my advice would be not to proceed if you’re not comfortable with it. But if you’ve already linked your account, I recommend contacting PayPal to ensure the developer hasn’t set up any subscriptions without your knowledge. And to be on the safe side, it’s a good idea to change your password as soon as possible.

Pros and Cons of Pusher All


  • Simple gameplay: Pusher All is easy to play, and all you have to do is tap the screen to drop the coins and earn virtual cash.
  • Variety of payout options: Players can cash out their virtual earnings through PayPal, Cash App, or Messenger.
  • Features and bonuses: Pusher All includes several tools to help players earn more, such as bombs, walls, and lucky chests. There are also bonuses like extra coins, big pushes, and free spins.
  • Lucky Activity: Pusher All offers a Lucky Activity section where players can win exciting prizes, including high-end gadgets and more.


  • Unreliable payment: While Pusher All claims to pay real money, many players report that they never receive their payouts, even after meeting the cash-out requirements. Some users have even claimed that their cash balance has decreased instead of increasing.
  • Time-consuming: Earning enough virtual cash to meet the payout threshold of $500 or 10 million tokens takes a lot of time, effort, and patience.
  • Fictitious queue: Players who reach the payout threshold are placed in a queue that never seems to move. This has led many to believe that the queue is fake, and players will never receive their payouts.
  • Deceptive advertising: Pusher All displays several ads that can be misleading and not relevant to the game, which can be frustrating for players.


Pusher All is a deceptive game that preys on people’s desire to earn easy money. While it may seem like a fun way to pass the time, the reality is that it’s a waste of time and effort. The payout threshold is set so high that it’s almost impossible to reach, and even if you do manage to accumulate enough virtual currency, the promised rewards are nothing more than a mirage.

Furthermore, the game is designed to maximize revenue for the developer, with ads and videos that constantly bombard users. While there are some features that could be considered entertaining, such as the virtual coin machine and the lucky activity section, they are ultimately a distraction from the game’s true purpose: to make money for the developer.

Overall, we cannot recommend Pusher All to anyone who is looking for a legitimate way to earn money or have fun playing games. It’s better to invest your time and energy into activities that are more rewarding and fulfilling.