Presence: The X-Factor of Male Attractiveness?

Since I’ve begun studying seduction/dating advice/pickup technique, I have always asked myself, “Is there a central factor behind all of these techniques? What are the central threads that are consistent between every “school” of picking up beautiful women?”

My present theory is that it has to do with presence in the moment

. I think every single so-called Casanova or “ladies man” is totally present in the moment with women.

But I am not one to arm-chair theorize or keyboard jockey (KJ). To test my theory, I am going to tighten up my yoga practice again for the next 30 days and practice being totally, completely present in my interactions with women


Granted, I am not claiming that presence is going to be THE KEY to picking up women regardless of how this experiment turns out. I have practiced a lot of technique and have a lot of theory on the subject. However, I feel like I have become increasingly robotic and less present as the summer went on and I think becoming “present to the moment” will make my interactions much sexier. After all, at best this stuff is not work… it’s the opposite of effort.