Pop Diamonds App Review: My Experience and Verdict


Looking for a way to earn some cash by playing a match puzzle game? Well, you might have stumbled upon Pop Diamonds, a new game that claims to offer PayPal and Amazon gift cards worth hundreds of dollars. But is it legit or just another scam?

In this Pop Diamonds App Review, we’ll dive into the game’s mechanics, payment system, and find out if it’s worth your time. Let’s get started!

What is Pop Diamonds?

Pop Diamonds is a casual match puzzle game available for free on the Play Store. The goal is to select groups of blocks with the same color to destroy them and complete the level. As you progress, you’ll receive virtual PayPal or Amazon gift cards worth a decent amount of money.

How does Pop Diamonds work?

The game is free to install, but it offers in-app purchases and VIP Lucky Slot Machines that supposedly offer more bonuses. To play, simply tap groups of blocks with the same color to eliminate them and earn points. You can use tools like Hammer, Brush, Transposition, or Meteor to destroy or change the color of blocks.

Once you eliminate the blocks, Pop Diamonds will display a virtual PayPal or Amazon card and encourage you to watch a video to collect the cash. After watching the video until the end, the cash will be added to your PayPal or Amazon balance. You may also earn big surprise bonuses by opening boxes and watching more videos.


Pop Diamonds claims you can withdraw actual cash via PayPal or Amazon gift cards after 24 hours or reaching $1000. However, the payment process is quite odd. Instead of using your PayPal email, you must submit your phone number. They say you can “take the chance” to get paid, which implies there are no guarantees.

Is Pop Diamonds legit?

No, Pop Diamonds is not legit. You won’t receive any cash, and the payment process is a fake. After the countdown finishes, your payment will remain as “Pending” for another 24 hours. To activate your Amazon card order, you must watch 30 videos. For PayPal, they claim you can watch an advert to reduce the review time by 30 minutes, but it’s just a trick. They will create a new requirement, and you’ll have to watch more videos to activate the order, which means nothing.

Pros and Cons


  • Pop Diamonds is a free game that can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.
  • It’s a casual game that can be entertaining and help pass the time.
  • Players can earn virtual PayPal or Amazon cards while playing, which can be redeemed for cash rewards.
  • The game offers some fun tools like a hammer, brush, transposition, and meteor to help players clear levels.
  • Pop Diamonds also provides surprise bonuses for completing levels and watching videos.


  • Pop Diamonds is not a legitimate way to earn real cash. Despite the developers’ claims, there is no evidence that anyone has actually been paid.
  • The game requires players to provide their phone number, which can be a privacy concern.
  • There are a lot of ads in the game, which can be frustrating and interrupt gameplay.
  • Some players have reported that the game freezes or crashes frequently, which can be frustrating.
  • The game can become repetitive after a while and lose its appeal.


Pop Diamonds is just another game that uses virtual cash as bait. Instead of wasting your time on useless apps, check out our top reward site and earn real cash rewards by completing surveys and offers.