Picking Up Perfect Tens

I love the perfect tens. And it’s not only because they are the most beautiful. It’s also because they are easier to pick up than the rest of the hot girls in the bar.

Picking Up Perfect Tens

Sounds unreal? Probably. But it’s just like that. And there are two broad reasons why this happens: collective insecurity and your own motivation.

Collective Insecurity

Collective Insecurity is the main reason why the tens are easier. In your favorite bar or club you’ll see that the usual guy might approach five, ten or maybe twenty girls a night, but most surely he wouldn’t try the hottest of all. Maybe the 8s, the 9s… But not the ten.

Some will do, obviously, but definitely fewer than those who hit on the rest of the beautiful girls.

And this applies to just everything else in life. There’s always less competition for the unrealistic goals than for the realisticFew people aim for the very top of the world.

You must use this to your advantage. This global uber-respect with the very best is what clears the road for us. It’s what let me get the Oktoberfest Queen and what can let you get the girl you always dreamed about.

Just remember: don’t overestimate your competition. Most are fearful, insecure and full of doubts. Instead, think highly about yourself. Someone will get those perfect tens, and it could well be you.

It’s easier to fish where fewer go.


There’s one more thing about perfect tens: the motivation. It’s not the same to go for a model or a celebrity than to go for some other girl. You’ll have another type of motivation. The bigger carrot has much more appeal than the smaller carrot – It will make the horse run faster.

And so will you. If you are going for the best you’ll be more excited and more thrilled than if you were aiming for less. It’s a big thing: it will make you do more, think outrageously and to make plans you never thought about.

I spent an entire night thinking about the right words, the right tonality and the perfect way of approaching the Oktoberfest Queen. Do you think I would have done that for any other girl? Definitely not. If the prize is big you’ll act accordingly.

It’s not the same to go out clubbing “to see what happens” than to go for the tens. Make it a habit to prepare for the best. It will pay out. Girls will notice.