Picking Up Girls on The Bus

Bars and clubs are not the only places where you can go and look for beautiful women. Instead, you should try approaching during the day and at unconventional places. Once you have a bit of practice you’ll find pick up easier and your results will be much better.

Picking Up Girls on The Bus

Why on The Bus

During the day you’ll find more beautiful, better educated and higher quality women than at night. It took me a while to realize this but since then I hardly go to clubs. During the day is when the real magic flows.

Especially if you live on a big city you’ll hardly see that special girl from the bus again. That makes it a total waste to let her go. Just like on the train or inside the store, you got to approach.

Flirting on The Bus

I don’t hop into any bus with the sole aim of flirting. No, I let it just happen. Sometimes I’m reading and just don’t want to speak. Many others I’m tired and I even stopped conversations that other people started with me… But it may come the day that as soon as I hop inside I see one girl that I can’t let go without a try.

And I go. Many times I’ll fail, but I make sure that I’ll go. I have already decided that the possibility of rejection and (many times) public humiliation is fine is worth the risk. The possible gains are just huge compared to that.

This time instead of writing a point-by-point strategy I’ll tell you a personal story and give you tidbits of advice for every step on the pickup.

The Approach

As I wrote above, you’ll find a lot of high quality girls inside the bus. But once a while you’ll find one girl that is that perfect ten you always dream about. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does you can’t let that one go.

I had been in the middle of the city for a business meeting and had to take a short five minutes ride to the train station. As soon as I hopped in the bus I saw HER. Blonde, tall and slim, angel faced and wearing a very pretty black dress. She was the most beautiful girl I had seen in a long time and, to my great luck, there was a free seat next to her.

I was motivated as I have never been. I went and sat down next to her. She didn’t look friendly – It was late and I could feel how tired she was. Didn’t look as the most approachable girl around but I was thrilled. I just went.

Even if I’m used to approaching I still get nervous sometimes. It’s normal. But this time it was different: I felt amazing, like if it would be impossible to reject me.  I felt that gold was running out of my mouth. Girls feel that when they see a guy. I had the looks of a special one that day.

As soon as I sat down I spoke to her. No time to waste, no weird pauses, no taking the book out, no iPod-song change, nothing! I just sat down with a smile and after a five seconds glance I told her hello.

That’s the magic of the spontaneous approach. Just as with the three second rule, the idea behind this is to kill of all possible nerves and worthless thinking. I didn’t even know what to say: I just went ahead as soon as I could. Ten seconds may have passed from when I hopped into the bus until I said hello.

The first couple of words you say will be the ones that will matter the most. And it’s not just the words themselves: it’s how you say them. I was louder than normal, looked her directly into the eyes and had a smile on my face. Also make sure you don’t rush and speak very clearly. Don’t give her any chance to say: what, say that again, etc. I really recommend you reading the article on speaking here.

I made quite an impression on her just from the go. I pitched her for a less than a minute. I threw away all my pre-prepared stuff I sticked to the point. It was something like this:

“Hello. I don’t know what your situation is (she turns all her attention to me), but you are the most impressive woman I’ve seen in my life. I’ll give everything for just having a coffee with you. I know asking you this is insolent… But if I didn’t I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.  Really: I give me just one chance, five minutes of your time, anywhere, anytime you want and you’ll not regret it.”

Very attractive women are used to people approaching them like this. I was not the first in her life and will probably won’t be the last: but I was better than most. I spoke with so much esteem, security and confidence that I left her impressed.

First she tried to turn me down. Most girls, despite they like you, may still often turn you down in a situation like this. They are afraid of feeling like a slut and agreeing dates with a total stranger. But then is where you have to be bold.

“Really, five minutes. Anywhere, anytime. I’ll be there. Tonight, tomorrow at 3am or in two weeks. Just give me your email and it will do. If after that short coffee you don’t want to see me again, I’ll disappear from your life. Promise.”

She finally agreed. She told me her email (memorize, don’t write) and I told her mine so she would know me once I wrote. My stop was coming so I told her goodbye, wished her a good weekend and went down. To add for the usual cuteness I waved her with a smile from the street to where she was seated.

I made sure to email that same day, as soon as I could. You have to do it while she still has a big impression and before her friends start brainwashing her not to go out with you. Keep the email short and to the point and make sure you arrange the date, also, for 3-4 days into the future maximum. If you let her push it indefinitely into the future it will never happen.

I went out two days later and, of course, the five minutes ended up being much more. We dated for a while after that. What seemed impossible was achieved with no lies, no stupid chit chat and with the direct approach most men often ignore.