Picking Up Girls on an Airplane

Bars and clubs are not the only places where you can go and look for beautiful women. Instead, you should try approaching during the day and at unconventional places. Once you have a bit of practice you’ll find pick up easier and your results will be much better.

Picking Up Girls on an Airplane

Why Airplanes

Airplanes are one of my favorite picks. Just think about it: you’ll be seated next to someone for at least a few hours. They have no easy way to escape, nowhere to go and few times they got something better to do than to speak to you. The conditions for a big win are all but set. You just need to be charming, wise and a bit audacious.

The trick and the most important part of the whole thing is finding the girl to sit next to. Most probably you were assigned a seat next to an old couple, a fat lady or, perhaps, next to annoying kids. That won’t work! You have to escape from that, you got to avoid it and enjoy your time on the airplane.

Changing Seats

Unless you are seated next to the girl you would like to be with, you’ll have to change seats. There’s no reason to leave the fate of the flight to mere luck of the will of the airport clerks. You’ll go and sit next to the girl you want to. For that you got two possibilities.

One way is to start flirting directly in the boarding area. Find a nice girl and go to speak to her. It’s not hard to do this, just sit next to her and start a conversation. It’s easy to find topics to speak about when you are going to travel. The place you go, the place you come, travel stories, weird people, etc. Ideas are endless, just make sure you are interesting, fun, smile and always inspire safety.

You just need to build rapport and make her feel comfortable – Then you are all set. All you need to do next is to tell her that you would love to keep speaking to her and to sit together inside the plane. Usually she’ll say yes so all you got to do is to kindly ask someone to change the seat for you.

The second possibility is to, once already on the airplane, approach a nice girl with an (still) empty seat next to her and tell her, with a big smile and the most charisma you can get, that you want to sit next to her. Tell her something funny – I usually say that the person who is supposed to be seating next to me is too fat, smells, moves too much, etc. and that moving out would “save my life.” As crazy as it sounds, it usually works.

Once the real guy who is supposed to be sitting next to her comes just tell him, always politely, if he can change the seat with you. If you have guts tell him she’s your girlfriend (or you could even say fiancé) and that you couldn’t find two seats together. Tell him that he would make you an enormous favor changing seats – Make him feel guilty if he doesn’t. Again, most of the times this works out.

One last tip about this: make sure that you are not offering a bad seat in exchange of a good seat. If the guy has window/aisle, don’t offer your middle-of-the-row seat as he could refuse just because of comfort. Make sure you change for a seat that’s the same or better, so as to avoid complications. Only try these tricky switches if that’s the only possibilities you have.

Inside the Airplane

Finding the right seat next to the right girl is what gets the flirt started, but it’s not where it ends. You’ll have to charm her lots if you want to get something more than a nice conversation. Just make sure to skip all unnecessary/boring chat and move on to the terrain where you feel the most comfortable with.

For example, as I have traveled a lot I tell a few of my stories, invite her to tell me some of hers, to let her dream about a few others and, in the end, I always end up inspiring her to start or dream about a new adventure. Couple that with a few good jokes, a bit of teasing and you are all set. Don’t stay more than one or two minutes speaking about jobs, studies and all those things unless you do something amazing.

Make sure you are well dressed and that you bring interesting things in your bag. A few recommendations are: camera (with a few great photos), a bit of delicious food, a few board/card games and something from your city (or the place you were going to.) Make sure to order wine (or some alcohol) if it’s a night flight and you could even play a few drinking games together.


You have to be very careful closing because unlike a club, bar or street there’s no possible walk away. Close if you feel there is rapport, if she really shows interest. After a few drinks, long conversations and a bit of chatting it just naturally happens.

If not, there’s one ultimate way to try: I travel long distance most of the times (Argentina is 8+ hours way from everywhere except Brazil, sucks.) so we usually end up having a sleeper flight. This makes it easy: I always tell the girl that she can lean on me to sleep (and insist a few times if she says no) and once she does I carefully and slowly start touching, caressing her hair, body, etc… If she doesn’t give resistance, I escalate until we usually end up kissing. If she takes my hand away more than three or four times, it means I’m quite lost.

Sex on the plane? Well, I think it’s more for the adventure and the anecdote itself than for pure pleasure. If you are both for it, go ahead!

And last, I didn’t forget about flight attendants. Most of the times they are lovely, beautiful and it would be a a big disappointment if you don’t flirt them! We’ll leave them for an upcoming article.